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Andreas Schnaas
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself... ..what first got you interested in making horror films, how long you've been doing this...

Hi, my name is Andreas Schnaas from Hamburg Germany. I am 36 years old. I have been into movies especially horror and martial arts movies since I was a little child. From very early age I tried out shooting my own movie in the backyard of my parents house. Then at age 18 or 19 we decided to get "more professional" and shoot a feature film length movie with a small story and tons of Special FX. We called it Violent Shit out of a joke and had a premiere in a Hamburg cinema. The reaction was amazing and the movie began its more or less unofficial journey through the world. We received response from the other side of the world - it was hilarious! That was a motivation to do ZOMBIE 90 and VIOLENT SHIT 2. Followed by GOBLET OF GORE, ANTHRO 2000 and VS3. The more movies followed the more professional things got, the more money was involved and the more problems came. Now I shoot with higher budgets, real actors and professional crew and the pressure is much higher.

Q: How does the horror market differ between Germany and the US, both in regards to fans and distribution?

German fans are really loyal, they travel thousands of miles to get to a screening and bring their whole stuff to be signed. The European fans are great too, lots of response from UK, Scandinavia, France and Spain. I know there is a lot of attention in Asia too (my movies had a release in Japan, Korea and so on), but even the internet and e-mail doesn't help to get closer, maybe a language problem. I would like to get more feedback from there. The North American fans are superb. I mean this is movie country!!!!

The horror scene is very relaxed and people understand my humor there. I am amazed about the interest there as most of my movies weren't even in English. I just decided to release a US version of Anthropophagous 2000 with English subtitles as fans are asking so much about this movie and why they cannot buy it in the US. (To order visit the shop at www.nikostheimpaler.de)

Q: NIKOS was your first feature that you shot in the U.S, in NYC. What was that experience like? Was it strange being in the movie as well, rather than just behind the camera?

It was great. I loved it. We worked our asses of, day and night. I was very pleased with cast and crew, the motivation level was very high. I would always do it again. I am used to directing and acting in a movie at the same time and I keep saying "I will never do it again". Too much stress. But I love it too.

Q: DEMONIUM was made just before that... ..and Joe Zaso is in that as well. What prompted you to cast Zaso in these two movies?

Zaso was referred to by co-author Ted Geoghegan. They knew each other from the internet and Zaso is traveling Europe - especially Italy - a lot. He was the giant in the Italian crew and a very helpful person in all aspects of film-making. We got along very well and he offered to arrange a shooting in NYC if I ever wanted to shoot a movie there. I got the financing and story built, some German people involve.

So he acted and did the line production which almost brought him to insanity I guess. He looked like the death at the end of the movie and wanted to kill me, I guess ;) Making a movie is v e r y exhausting.

Q: Who are your favorite horror directors (living or dead) and why?

Lucio Fulci. He is my hero and was very consequent in his way. I just like his movies and the atmosphere.

Q: Are you working on any new projects?

Always will, always do. Have two projects in preparation: One music movie and a horror/zombie movie which will be shot early 2005.

Q: Website/ordering info

At www.anthroproject.de you can find out all the info about me and my work. To order movies and other stuff at our shop and to find out about NIKOS THE IMPALER check out www.nikostheimpaler.de

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