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Circus Envy
Horror Host
Horror Interview by Herr Doktor

Herr Doktor Versus Circus Envy: The Infernal Meeting

Circus Envy: Hello!

HD: Hi! Well then I am honored you chose to speak with me this fine evening!

Circus: Thank you! I am honored to be here. Hope I'm not graded on response time and grammar. Any Mistakes are the Vodka typing and not me, how's that for accountability?

HD: Vodka! It's magically delicious! And my grammar sucks; this is a judgment free zone that's what spell checks for! So how the hell did the concept of Circus Envy come about, and what the hell are you trying to convey to the masses?

Circus: Circus Envy is a depiction of my own twisted childhood. I started portraying a clown character working local haunts because I wanted to resemble a specific archetype as opposed to being a random ghoul or vamp. If you go that route, you're cursed with a dozen curious kids and teens, chanting "What are you supposed to be?" Apparently people like their monsters with structure....but then again I guess its human nature to try and categorize everything in a neat little box.

HD: I did not resemble a certain archetype, but rather the village oddity. I did not fit into a redneck grouping or social hierarchy, and so until I realized my elf worth did not rely on others, I lived in a virtual Hell * self not elf

Circus: I thought you were going all old school Dungeons and Dragons on me for a minute Ha-ha!

HD: Chaotic Evil Assassin thank you very much!

Circus: Ha-ha, my apologies for mistaking the mighty assassin for the measly elf!

HD: I've seen a few of your on-line shows, and you have a hell of a sense of humor!

Circus: So glad you enjoy the humor, I like to find the absurd in everything. The horror host vignettes have been a lot of fun but they are a precursor to my screenplay, which involves some of the same key characters but in a much darker context.

HD: Let's delve more into the darker elements you are trying to present.

Circus: Well. Circus Envy is a man named Nicholas Vincent (initials NV later translated to Envy). He has a series of genetic conditions that cause the pale complexion, thin skin, and pointed teeth....he covers it with clown makeup so "no one knows where the costume ends, and the anomaly begins"....That is also my tagline.

The genetic conditions have spiritual significance, and others recognize him as a catalyst for other dimensional entities, the screen play is about Circus Envy coming to terms with this fate.

HD: Pardon the comparison but this reminds me a bit of Lon Chaney, Raimi's Darkman, the classic film "The Man who Smiles". A heart of golden darkness, perhaps misunderstood, perhaps not. How will you present this?

Circus: I think great stories are told again and again through different perspectives. There's a handful of metaphors that seem to really resonate with the collective unconscious. It's interesting to see what spin the story teller will put on it each time it is retold.

HD: I feel you would present this in a hell of an interesting spin, and fuck negative media who will present how they please. The general media is a grouping of whores looking for the next casualty to jump on.

Circus: But Whores do what you want, so the media isn't as bad as guilty pleasure. Lol.

I should mention that Envy does not start out as a saintly as he may seem. He is an asshole shock jock that mocks the female performers onstage in a club that prides itself for their grannies, trannies, and fatties.....lol

HD: In retrospect what message do you wish to present? I still have not figured that out! At least not for myself.

I think the overall message is to revel in your shortcomings instead of covering them up. The most quirky traits are often also a person's greatest beauty.

HD: This reminds me of a favorite saying of mine "Admit nothing, blame others, and be bitter always". I've enjoyed our chat Scott, and would love to speak with you again!

Circus: I would like that too, Hopefully we will cross paths soon...Preferably at the upcoming Days of the Dead convention coming to Atlanta March 9-11 and I am Master of Ceremonies....shameless self promotion there. Ha-ha. There's that media whore again shamelessly stooping at her favorite glory hole!!!

HD: I would like that, and I would also like to host you in Las Vegas to empty a few bottles of Grey Goose and prophesize end times!! Take care Scott. It's been a pleasure.


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