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Darrin Ramage
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger

Q: What would you say most separates BRAIN DAMAGE from other companies that release genre films?

DARRIN: Brain Damage Films is owned and operated by a Horror fan since I was 8 years old. It is not all about the money, although everybody has bills to pay, I love Indie Horror films----BLOOD, GUTS, AND NUDITY! Campy, funny type horror films are not our style of films. More insanity and crazy than funny is want I look for in a film for Brain Damage Films.

Q: When and why did you establish BRAIN DAMAGE?

DARRIN: Brain Damage Films was created in the May of 2001. After a long and painful stint with Dead Alive Productions it was only right to start Brain Damage Films. I am a fan of gore, I wanted to continue to release the ultra low budget horror films to the video business and Brain Damage was an established name in the horror genre because of the Traces of Death. It just made sense and it has worked very well.

Q: How did you get into this crazy business?

DARRIN: I started out as a Sales Representative selling independent videos to mom & pop video stores in 1992. By the end of 93 I had finished the production of one of the most well known and hands down the most brutal shockumentaries ever made--Traces of Death. The rest is history and I'm still here. Alive and kicking!

Q: Recently you've been producing the movies as well (Hell's Highway, etc). How big is the being in control of a product to your advantage?

DARRIN: Although I try not to get in the creative way of the director of the films I finance once they are on set, I do get involved in the script. I believe that even an ultra-low budget film, be it Drama or Comedy or Horror, can be a GREAT film if it has a GOOD script-a good story. It ends up helping in the end because I am the distributor to the mom & pop stores and the BIG boys of the industry-Hollywood Video-Blockbuster-Movie Gallery, et cetera, so I feel after 10 years in the business and 23 years as a horror fan, I know what the stores are looking for in a Brain Damage Film. Sometimes I'm right and sometimes I'm not. You just never know, but how does the saying go, "It's not a film unless it has distribution"

Q: What's the deal with those intros?

DARRIN: If Quentin Tarintino can introduce his films so can Brain Damage, that's where we got the idea. Some people don't like it and a lot of people do according to emails Brain Damage Films web site get. Brain Damage started to introduce the films back on the Traces of Death Pt. 3 and has been doing it every since.

Q: Talk about some of the recent and upcoming BRAIN DAMAGE releases.

DARRIN: Hollywood Vampyr is a 3 Mil. budget film with some pretty big stars Trevor Goddard and Muse Watson coming out on April 1. A film we financed called GOTH I'm very excited about coming out in June is a twisted reality-horror film that takes course over and 8 hour period of time. A psycho film with BLOOD GORE and NUDITY, you have got to love it!

Q: Anything you wish to add.

DARRIN: We just opened our online store at www.BrainDamageFilms.com. Be a true gore hound and join the fan club to get a B.D.F. T-shirt, email info on happenings at B.D.F. , and discounts on videos. Non-Fan Club people pay a much higher price for the films. Or just go and support your local video store, rent the film, if you like it then buy it!

Official Web Site at BrainDamageFilms.com

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