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Don Koish
Editor, Necessary Evil Press
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger

Q: What prompted you to establish NECESSARY EVIL PRESS?

First and foremost was my love of books. I have been an avid reader since I was about 11 years old. It kind of spawned from there into collecting books and then into editing and proofing for publishers. Talking with Paul Miller of Earthling Publications one day was the final push I needed to start my own publishing company. I was getting tired of buying and reading a lot of inferior books and he challenged me to try and take the small press to the next level. And here I am.

Q: Tell us about your background and why the horror genre appeals to you.

Like I said above, I've been a reader just about my whole life. I started out with Stephen King and Clive Barker and just naturally moved on to authors like Richard Laymon, Jack Ketchum, and Simon Clark from there. I helped some publishers like Overlook Connection, Earthling Publications, and Delirium Books on the proofing and editing a lot of different books. I have always had that eagle eye publishers look for and taking it as a challenge to make a book better and more readable. I really hate finding errors in books. It truly takes away from the story.

I wouldn't want to be publishing anything but books that have that horror tinge to them. Horror has always brought out those primal feelings in me. There is nothing better than getting so lost in a story that when you put it down for the night, you can't sleep because you are scared to hell. Give me a choice of mystery, action, romance, or horror books and I will take horror every time. I can't even count the number of sleepless nights I've had in my life because of either horror books or movies. I just love it and it never gets old.

Q: Your first two books are Kealan Patrick Burke's THE TURTLE BOY and Tim Lebbon's DEAD MAN'S HAND. Tell us about the novels and why you chose these two authors.

First, Dead Man's Hand is a sort of alternate history type story. It takes place in the Old West around the time of Wild Bill Hickok. But believe me this isn't just your same old Western type story. Lebbon puts his own spin on things and the initial reviews and comments have been outstanding.

The Turtle Boy is a very creepy story of growing up and seeing a lot of things that hopefully most of us never will see. Small town America at its worst and best. A couple of scenes in the book shook me so violently that I had to actually put it down in parts, yet it is so intriguing that I had to keep picking it back up.

I am not the best person at describing details of a story, so everyone should just check out the story descriptions on the Necessary Evil Press website.

On choosing Tim Lebbon, it was a very easy decision. I think Tim has the ability to write across any genre without skipping a beat. I've never read anything from him that I didn't like and when the opportunity to work with him presented itself, I jumped at it. Hell, we had so much fun working on Dead Man's Hand that it has now been turned into a series of stories called The Assassin Series. Each one will be in a different time period with a new twist on things. Very exciting to say the least.

Kealan Patrick Burke is one of the fast rising authors out there today. I don't think I ever read a short story collection like his Ravenous Ghosts before. And this is his first collection. It knocked my socks off. When I had the chance to read the manuscript for The Turtle Boy, I was calling him the next day begging to publish it. I think everyone who reads it will agree with how chilling the novella is.

At the same time, I wanted to be a publisher that not only publishes outstanding established authors like Lebbon, but a publisher that gives a chance to some great new guys on the scene that don't have a lot of their own projects out there.

Q: Who are some of the other authors & novels down the line?

Most of them are still under wraps until contract details are worked out. I can say that we will be doing a project with Jeffrey Thomas next years as well as releasing Book 2 in the Assassin Series from Tim Lebbon. To make it interesting, some authors I name below among my favorites and let everyone know that a couple of these guys (not all of them) will be working with Necessary Evil Press in the next few years. Hehehe.

Q: Who are your favorite contemporary authors?

Simon Clark, Bentley Little, Stephen King (big shock on this one), F. Paul Wilson, Douglas Clegg, and Brian Keene. Honestly though, it is hard to put a list together of just a few. I love a lot of established authors, but also a bunch of up and coming guys. I think this is going to allow me to bring a great mix of stuff to the readers out there.

Q: How can readers contact you?

Start out by visiting our website. There you will find ordering information, story descriptions, and mailing list subscriber giveaways. Every month we give away at least one free book to one of our mailing list subscribers. All you have to do is sign up at the site. It couldn't be any easier.

People can also contact me at info@necessaryevilpress.com. I always return emails and I honestly enjoy chatting with fellow horror loves whether it is about books, movies, or just about anything. Lovers of horror need to stick together. I think people will find that I am very easy going and a generally nice guy. This isn't a business for me, but something I have dreamed of doing out of love for the genre.

We also have a message board hosted by Horror World that you can access from our main website. Drop by and say hi.

Q: Last words?

I just wanted to thank Buried.com for this opportunity. It is really mind blowing for me when I am asked to do an interview. I consider myself just an average Joe who loves horror and books. If you dug this interview or at least made it to this far into it, I just wanted to say thanks for listening or er reading. Now visit my site and buy a book. You won't be disappointed.

Visit the Official Necessary Evil Press Website

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