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Felissa Rose
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger

Actress Felissa Rose is probably best known for her role in SLEEPAWAY CAMP, one of the better slasher movies of the 80's. Most recently she's been visible in numerous independent productions, including the sequel to this particular movie. We recently had a chance to ask her a few questions.

Q: What is the one thing you remember most during the filming of SLEEPAWAY CAMP?

I know I say this all the time, but definitely the cast and crew. They were amazing to work with. Also, the remote area we filmed in. We were so isolated from civilization that we formed these great friendships and they've lasted to this day.

Q: After that movie you were on television in ANOTHER WORLD (1984-85), according to the Internet Movie Database. Why the switch from movies to tv?

That's a weird mistake... ..I don't know who stuck that on my imdb. Totally false!

Q: What did you do during the years you weren't acting?

I finished high school, went on to college, went into my own business, and then eventually did a lot of theatre in NYC.

Q: Did you enjoy SLEEPAWAY CAMP 2 and 3?

They're spoofs, totally different than the first movie…They're great! I actually just watched part 3 again this weekend and really enjoyed it. The dvd looks terrific.

Q: Can you tell us anything about RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP?

I'm sure it's a much more serious movie…Well, it's kids at camp, and the murders are really creative. There's a lot of twists and it's got some comedy to it. I think it's pretty dark. It's going to be fun!

Q: You've worked on quite a few horror movies these past several years. How did the directors on CORPSES ARE FOREVER (Jose Prendes) and NIKOS THE IMPALER (Andreas Schnaas) differ? Which movie was more fun?

They're all fun in their own way. I was only on Corpses for a couple of days and I worked on Nikos for 5 weeks, so it's hard to compare. Jose is much more of an actors' director. He spent time with me talking about the scene and creating a back story for my character. Whereas Andreas is more technical. He's obsessed with the blood and horrific atmosphere so it was more like, "run here, scream here, jump there." Both are good for me but I'm an actor so the dialogue with a director helps my performance come to life.

Q: How was it working with Joe Zaso on NIKOS?

He's a sweetheart. Always trying to please everyone. He had a lot on his plate since he was the line producer as well. Let's put it this way, I never envied his job!

Q: What is A MOTH TO A FLAME about? On the imbd you're listed as a producer. What's that movie about?

It's a real thriller/mystery story. Very character driven with a cool twist. I'm working as an actor as well. But unlike Joe Zaso, I'll only be in a cameo role.

Q: What is it that you like about horror movies?

Horror movies are taking people and sticking them in the most extraordinary of circumstances, so as an actor I get to be in situations I'd never experience in reality. It's that dark, scary, psychologically challenged part that I love to watch and act in... kind of demented!

Q: What would your ideal movie be to star in?

I'd love to do a real action movie where I'd be challenged with stunts. On Satan's Playground I had a lot of physical work thrown at me and I loved it, so I think an action role would suit me just fine.

Q: Tell us about your upcoming projects.

I just wrapped SATAN'S PLAYGROUND, which is going to be unbelievable (my favorite film so far), I'm in rehearsal for DEAD SERIOUS and next is A MOTH TO A FLAME. Also, a new documentary is out called SOMETHING TO SCREAM ABOUT and it's really cool. It follows 10 scream queens and poses a lot of interesting questions about actresses in the world of horror. Very cool flick by Jason Paul Collum who also wrote the book ASSAULT OF THE KILLER B's.

Q: How can people get in touch with you (your website info, etc)

I'm working on felissarose.com and from the imdb there's a bunch of links with contact info.

Q: Anything else you wish to talk about?

I just want to thank Dante Tomaselli and Em and Me productions for making SATAN'S PLAYGROUND the best time of my life! Thanks for having me on your website!! And I really appreciate horror fans so much for their dedication and friendship!

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