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Jeff Dylan Graham
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger


DWELLER- "Trevor"
CURTAINS- "Ernest"
SAY IT AGAIN- "Bartender"
SELENA- "Young Selena's Friend"

1.) Biography

I was born in Baumholder Germany. As a kid, I moved around a couple of times. I lived in Connecticut and Texas. I began acting at a very young age, doing a lot of theater, student films, commercials, small roles in big-budget flicks (including the Warner Bros. movie SELENA).

It was not until I got a bit older that I started playing bigger and bigger roles in films. I started acting in independent film with roles in THE NIGHT CALLS (I played a drug addict teen. It's a spin on the caller in the house story), CURTAINS (I played a small role in this funny little flick), and other appearances.

I've worked with This is Not a Dream Prods. and Steve Sessions twice, with leading roles in CREMAINS (now available in video stores everywhere), and MALEFIC (will be released sometime in the near future). I've worked with Todd Sheets and Extreme Entertainment twice as well. I make a guest appearance in ZOMBIE BLOODBATH 3, and also an appearance in SAY IT AGAIN, a comedy. My work with Polonia Bros. Entertainment and Intercoast has been pretty extensive. I starred in THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED 2 (now available at Hollywood Video stores), GORILLA WARFARE, NIGHT THIRST, and DWELLER. Recently, I completed shooting a co-starring role in DEAD AND ROTTING for Full Moon Pictures and Tempe Entertainment. The film will see a release in Late March/Early April. It will premiere at Frightvision 2002.

This year is already starting to get busy... I have four new magazine appearances in the spring, I'm working on an album, I'm shooting a comedy called AMERICAN TARDS in Kansas (with Joe Estevez, Eric Edwards, Felissa Rose, Robert Z'Dar, and others), writing a column for B-Independent.com, making convention appearances, and working on several other new movie projects.

2.) First acting experience... ...

My first acting experience in theater was playing "Huck Finn" . My first experience in film was a student film called "The Crazy Syndrome". It was great experience for me, and it really showed me how much film was what I wanted to do.

3.) How did the acting bug bite you?

The acting bug bit me when I was really young. Too young to even remember. I used to make my homemade horror movies, and make everyone in my family star in them. I used to make plays too.

4.) Weirdest acting experience...

One of my weirder experiences was when I had to bathe in tapioca pudding for "Odd Noggins". That was strange, but it felt cool at the same time. Haha

5.) Best/Worst acting experience...

My best acting experience would have to be the shoot for "Malefic". It was also one of the worst shoots too. You can't tell from the movie, but it was a very high-stress shoot. We really worked hard for the movie. Especially the director, Steve Sessions. He's a freakin' genius!!! It was a hard time in my life, and it really helped the character. I really went deep into my dark side for the part. Gage is such an emotional person. I watch the film now, and I don't see myself.

6.) What do you think of genre films?

I've always been a huge fan of the genre, and I've dedicated a lot of my time studying it. I will forever be a fan of the genre, and I will always support it. I'm going to be working on a lot of different stuff outside of the genre, but I will always come back!

7.) Tell us about your character in "Dead and Rotting", the new movie you did with Full Moon Pictures and Tempe Entertainment... ...

I play "Asher", a burn-out who is responsible for the death of a witch's familiar. It was a fun shoot, and I think it will make a pretty good film!

8.) You may also reappear in Polonia Entertainments' "The House that Screamed 3"... talk a bit about this and also about "Night Thirst", and "Dweller"... ...

I just recently heard that they will be shooting a 3rd movie in the series and I was asked to return. I'm still working out the details, so we'll see. As far as "Night Thirst" and "Dweller"... they have been picked up by Brimstone Media for foreign sales, but I don't know when they will be available domestically.

9.) Anything you want to add?

I just want to thank everyone for thier support, and I look forward to meeting some of you at Frightvision, or another one of my convention appearances.

>> Official Web Site at www.jeffdylangraham.com

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