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Leslie Culton
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger


April's Fool (dancer)
Chickboxin' Underground (Toni Barem)
Hookers in a Haunted House (Alex)
Night Vamps II (delusional nerd/cheerleader)
Revenge of the Invisible Nerd (Cindy)
Terror at Tate Mansion (Candice)
Blonde Wench Project (Blonde Wench, duh)
Drainiac (skull face dancer)
B-Movie Theater (co-host)


I've lived in a number of different places, West Virginia, Florida, Kentucky, Alabama, California. I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio, but I claim Atlanta as my home. I grew up a gawky, bad skinned, recluse shy, nervous, very bookish and I would have stayed that way maybe, if it were not for Dr. Who. My mother would not take me skating one night, so pouting and pissed I turned on the TV and changed my life. K-9 went whizzing by on a Tom Baker episode of Dr. Who and I was hooked. Months later a convention came to town, at my second show something happened. I felt accepted, I could talk and people would listen and not think I was a freak for what I loved to watch... and even bigger…boys looked at me. I began to wear short skirts to these shows and I got attention, something that had never happened to me before. I could be a 13 year old sexy "woman", get whistled at, play Scarlett O'Hara with the boys, "allowing" them to do things for me, fetch me drinks, buy me lunch... a heady thing for someone who had lived in a fiery older sister's shadow and with a stepfather's discouragement most of her life. I realized I wanted to be an actress when I saw how the fans reacted to the sexy Star Trek Actress Robin Curtis. Of course, I had always wanted to be a companion on Dr. Who! The one who finally got to have sex in the TARDIS.


Mike Fox is just a dynamo ball of bearded energy, a well mixed package of vision, caffeine and words. I was very nervous on the set of Chickboxer Underground and he was very good at putting me at ease. He even let me hold onto a pen so you could not see my hands were shaking. When we changed set, hair and make up in mid shoot he said "nobody will notice"... I said "Mike how could they NOT notice..." he replied "You have your top off the entire time, trust me, NOBODY will notice."

I first met Lou Vockell (HOOKERS IN A HAUNTED HOUSE) by way of phone call that Evrette Hartsoe had set up. Lou was looking for actresses for a video called Hookers in a Haunted House. We spoke for some time, had a bunch of laughs and I had the lead when I hung up the phone, sight unseen. Lou is the "don't worry about it Director". He will figure something out for EVERY problem. We can't get a haunted house? No problem, we'll shoot it at Lou's house... Lou's house does not look Haunted. No problem, somebody pump up the fog. Working with Lou was a breeze, he even used the idea I had for the opening segment, the Black and White dream segment with me in the cave girl outfit (which was one of Michelle Bauer's costume in "Dinosaur Island") being chased by a giant iguana. Lou will listen to your ideas which is great, not everyone will. I got to do my first blue screen work in that project and work with the hugely talented Jeff Weldy (who I am a big fan of). I am sure Hookers in a Haunted House will be a Cult Favorite, there have already been theme parties where the movie being shown is the main attraction.

I have worked just very shortly with Brett Piper, but so far, so good! I got to dance around in a skull face with a black wig on in his film Drainiac!, which was neat. I am always open for new experiences. Brett has been doing this stuff for so long, he can just get in there and get what he needs done very quickly. I am looking forward to the upcoming Giant killer Sloth movie, very much so. I know when I work with Brett, he will find something new and different from me to do, from naked dancing in dry ice to naked dancing for Giant Sloths... ..hey wait a second... ..I think I see a pattern here...


Chickboxin' Underground was the first movie. I played Toni Barem a fight commentator & former Chickboxin Tournament Champion. I was so nervous, having so many lines and add that to the fact that I am topless for the entire movie. I loved working with Paul Morris, Mike Dennis & Tiffany Shepis.


Hard to say, all I have are "weird" parts, you see I never get to be the mother! In Hookers in a Haunted House I had to run away from a homicidal bag boy (wearing a bag on his head) who was trying to kill me with a pricing sticker gun. In Night Vamps II being scolded and smacked around by a professional Dominatrix (Countess Lilith Stabbs) all the while Everette Hartsoe is asking if she can pour hot wax on me. Also there is the 40" double headed dildo (named Mr. Bigglesworth, bought at the Hustler store) which I co-starred with in my two love scenes in Hookers in a Haunted House, and my mouth to breast resuscitation with Xavier Raines, a great B-movie Actor.


Best: Terror at Tate Mansion, I got to act in that, cry, yell, cut my leg open on a hamper, all while in character. But at the same time, being the needed "fluff" girl as well. Worst: Terror at Tate Mansion, my death scene required me to spend 2 hours in a freezing shower and 4 hours in (fake) blood soaked panties. Your private parts are not meant to be in stage blood THAT long! Also it was a Georgia Summer air conditioning is cranked up and I am naked, bloody and freezing! The crew goes off to get in a real short pick up shot and forgets ME! I sit and wait and wait and wait, Jenny Wallace came in and saved me from hypothermia. In April's Fool where I was a dancer, it was supposed to be a very seedy bar and they told me that although they loved me, I was to attractive to be realistic in their dive strip club!.


My favorite Horror films being NIGHT OF THE DEMONS & SALEM'S LOT. One of my dreams is to be in a Full Moon Project, I love their work, "Subspecies", "Puppet Masters", "Head of the Family", I have shelves of their movies. I know that I have not "made it" till Charlie Band puts me in one of his movies filmed in Romania!


Go to Conventions, especially Chiller and Dragon Con, take your head shot and talk to the people there. Do what you say you are going to do. Be on time, know your lines and be easy to work with. If you are fun to be around even after 10 hours of filming, directors will use you again. Be ready to lend a hand with lights and don't act like a snotty star. Take smaller roles if that is all you can get, they may bring you bigger parts later and finally do your best in everything you do, no matter how much they are paying you (Tanne McClure gave me that advice in e-mail, when I asked her for advice!)


Don't yell at us, it just upsets us. Listen to our ideas, just because we are actors does not mean we can't come up with a good suggestion for a camera angle or spot continuity errors. Tell actors what you want, if you know what you want. Take chances on new talent and don't always make the busty blonde character dumb. Not all of us are.


I love making movies, I was a fan girl from age 12, now I am in front of the camera. My biggest thrills in life come from this industry, thank you to all who have allowed me to work with them in the past. To all my fans, come meet me at a convention, talk to me about B-movies, comic books, Dr. Who & Live Action Gaming. I am just a Nerd with a modestly nice body! Support low budget film makers and Live long and Prosper!

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