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Horror Interview by The Gravedigger

Q: You've acted in a few low-budget sci-fi horror movies (RAGE OF THE WEREWOLF, ALIEN CONSPIRACY and CRIMSON KISSES. Tell us a bit about your experiences working on these and about your characters in each movie.

Wow, RAGE OF THE WERWEOLF was so long ago. It was my very first movie. All I remember was being a side-kick to Scooter McCrae (as a priest). It was cool to be on the other side of the cameras. I wanted to do more after that and I did. ALIEN CONSPIRACY: BEYOND THE LOST WORLD was real cool. That was my first speaking part in a movie. I played an alien in a human body. I said my lines & bam, I got shot & died. Debbie Rochon (www.debbierochon.com) thought that I did a great job, considering that I had no acting experience. She suggested that I should consider taking acting classes. At that time I didn't give it any thought because I was so into being behind the cameras and video editing. But then one day, another director came up to me and asked if I would play a part in his movie. His name was Jeffrey Arsenault. Now Jeffrey did erotic vampire movies, totally different from what I did for Brimstones' movies. I like to try different things here and there, so I said OK, lets do it. CRIMSON KISSES was the name of the vampire movie. OH BOY! Till this day , a lot of people still can't believe that I did this movie. I played a Massage Therapist. It was pretty much a soft-porn kind of scene where there was a lot of kissing & licking & dry humping. To top it all off, I was in the nude, wearing nothing but a silver chain around my neck. Of course at the end, she bites my on the neck & I die. To see my mom's expression on her face when she saw my naked booty on camera was a priceless moment. Funny thing is the lead actress that I had the sex scene with was my friend's girlfriend. So every time I saw him, I would ask "how did I taste while you were sexing up your girl". Another priceless moment. Would I do a scene like that again? I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

I wanted to be an actor for a long time, but I used to live my life according to what other people. I was more of a follower rather than a leader. My "friends"would laugh at me when I told them that I wanted to be an actor. They would say " the only acting your going to do is act a fool" So I would hang out on the street corners drinking old English beer (which I didn't like) and hang out all night long. I didn't want to drink beer, but I did because I was told that it was cool. But then one day I said to myself that this way of living was kind of boring, so I stopped drinking the beer, stopped hangout and went to the city to find a job. I worked as a foot messenger for over a year. During one of my runs, I ran into a school called The Center for the Media Arts. There I took the video production class. Graduated top of my class, I was giving an internship for the Geraldo Rivera & Joan Rivers show. When that ended, I worked for a music store called Coconuts (now F.Y.E) for about a year. It was located right next to the ABC studios. One of my favorite customers worked there & gave me a tour of the whole building (huge, huge building). We get to the videotape library and the guy behind the counter turned out to be the technical engineer from CMA. (and he remembered me) He gave me the number to a video production house that was operated by the dean from CMA. When I called him, he remembered me also and offered me an internship job. The deal was that I would help out around the office in exchange for using their video equipment. I remember editing videos till 3-4 o'clock in the morning. One of the workers there saw an ad in the Backstage shoot paper for a night time video duplicator. I applied and, through that company, met Kevin (Brimstone) and Jeffrey (After Midnight Pictures) . And the rest was dying & having fake sex & showing my butt history for the three movies.

Q: Why acting?

I think the thought of acting started when I saw the movie REVENGE OF THE NERDS. I was considered a stupid nerd myself, so that movie really hit home for me. I would watch it and pretend that I was in the movie and how I would've done each scene different as myself. I thought that was so cool I said to myself " I wanna be an actor." I loved the fact that you can play & do things that you usually don't do in real life. I have a wild & crazy imagination that I always wanted to share with people, and acting is a great way to express it.

Q: What are you working on now?

I'm taking yet another acting class. (actually, I've been taking classes for almost two years now) My acting coach Paul LeMos is the best coach that I ever had. I've been with him for a year and counting.

Q: Website info/contact info.

I can be reached here

Remember... learn the craft, always keep your head up & do it for you and only you! GO GET'EM CHAMPS.

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