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Nick Palumbo
Horror Interview by The Cryptkeeper

1) Tell us a little about yourself.

I went to film school in Los Angeles between 1989-1991. I finally dropped out. I was learning more on the side with fellow filmmakers and it really turned out to be a waste of money. In hind site, I would take that money and shoot a film. Surround yourself with people who know what they are doing and you will learn quickly.

2) Any films that have really influenced your work?

Yes, of course I was influenced by the great slasher films. Other than "Chainsaw", Bill Lustig's "Maniac" is the best slasher film ever made. "Henry" was a great film also. With "Nutbag", I tried to change things up a bit and get more inside the mind of the killer through voice-over. I believe we captured the look and tone of the film that we set out to make. There are things in "Nutbag" that have never, ever been seen before.

3) What are some of your favorite films?

The 5 best horror films of all time are: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Maniac, Dawn of the Dead, Deep Red (Profondo Rosso) and Black Christmas

4) How many films have you worked on so far (in any fashion, written, directed, whatever)?

Yes, "Nutbag" is the first film under Fright Flix Productions. Our second feature will be "Nutbag 2"---which will start principle photography in November of this year.

5) What are you working on currently? Any big things in the works for the future?

Our next film will be "Nutbag 2". It will have a much larger budget. It will star Mack Hail reprising his role and will feature spectacular gruesome FX that have never been seen before. I am really going to push the envelope this time and make the original "Nutbag" look like a Walt Disney film. Oh, yea... did I mention the girls... ... .

6) How long have you been into horror movies as a fan?

I love horror films. "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" changed my life. I saw it at a drive-in when I was 10 years old in 1980. I was too young when it first came out in 1974. Ever since, I have had a love with horror. Particularly, slasher films. I was born to make slasher films. "Nutbag" came from this mind set.

7) Who are some directors you like or admire their work?

My favorite directors are Stanley Kubrick, Elia Kazan, John Schlesinger, Tobe Hooper, William "Maniac" Lustig, George A. Romero and John Carpenter.

8) Any favorite actors or actresses you can think of?

I do not have any favorite actors or actresses. Mack Hail is a wonderful actor and just a great person. He is without a doubt the hardest working actor that I have ever seen. Yes, he does have wonderful screen presence. He has a very unique look. He is also 6 foot 4 and 235 pounds!! Whenever we screen the film, people will not go near him after the film is over!!!

9) What's the hardest part of making films as a small independent company aside for the financial problems and limitations?

Yes, I realized going into this project that we would have problems with censorship issues and distribution. That's why I chose to self-distribute and release the film unrated. I make the kind of horror film I would pay to see. I don't and never will make bubble-gum Hollywood horror like "Scream" , "Valentine"... etc...(add nauseum)

So many people ask me where and how I got these beautiful women in "Nutbag" to get totally naked and do the things that I asked them to do. The answer is very simple. Most low-budget filmmakers find girls that are either friends or actresses that will work for cheap. I went up to the best looking girls I could find and I offered them a ton of cash. It's a very simple process.

10) How has your company grown over the years?

"Nutbag"-10 days in the life of a serial killer was the first project we did with our new company Fright Flix Productions. It certainly won't be our last. Look for "Nutbag 2" to creep your way early next year.

11) Any strange or memorable moments happen to you while working on a movie?

Yes, we shot on location in Las Vegas. We were shooting downtown one night, and we started to create quite a scene. After only about 25 minutes, over 200 tourists stopped and were watching us. This makes things very difficult. Some police officers stopped us and demanded that I show them our permits. Having no money for permits, I quickly stated that the owner of the Four Queens Hotel said we could shoot in front of his property. Now this was around 3 in the morning. The cops did not know whether to believe me or not. I asked them was it worth them getting in trouble when the owner of the Hotel was producing this film! They quickly changed their attitudes and started doing crowd control for us!!!

12) What would be your "dream" project with an unlimited budget?

My dream project would be to remake Nosferatu in Transylvania with a budget of 100 million dollars.

13) What else do you do other than work in the film industry (hobbies, etc.)?

Watching Horror Films is my only hobby.

14) If you could remake a film, which one would you do?

If I could remake a horror film it would be "American Psycho". The book was brilliant and the movie was the worst horror film ever made.

15) How long does it normally take for you to complete a film start to finish?

"Nutbag" was shot with the JVC-DV500 Digital Camcorder and the budget was $56,000 dollars. Post-Production was done in Los Angeles. The shoot was 63 straight shooting days. 10-15 hours a day without a break.

16) What is the state of American Horror films today in your opinion? It is great being an independent filmmaker and you don't have to bow down to the studio sensors.

17) Any last thing you'd like to let the fans know? How they might get some of your movies?

Horror fans can watch the trailer to our film and find out what we here at Fright Flix think of the current state of horror by going to www.frightflix.com. Also, they can check out the new issue of Rue-Morgue magazine where they give a detailed review of Nutbag! They can also check us out in Fangoria and The Dark Side.

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