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Pete Von Sholly
Comic Artist
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger

Q: THE MIST is the third Stephen King adaptation/Frank Darabont movie you've worked on. How do the King projects tend to differ from the others and how was this different than either GREEN MILE or SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION?

First, for me King projects are really no different from any others... a storyboard's a storyboard- BUT THE MIST is chock full of monsters and horror effects which made it much more fun to work on than something like The Green Mile. Also since there were no creature designs of any kind that had been done when we did the boards I just made up my own versions of what they would look like. I left them fairly rough but it was much more fun than just copying somebody else's designs and the final creatures are still the same general size and shape of what I drew, details differing of course. I'm so glad they put the giant monster in- it was not in the script originally and I bitched endlessly to Frank about that! I'm not saying he included it because of me but I think mine was one of many voices voting to put that sucker in. It was one of my favorite moments in the story.

Q: Talk about the ZOMBIE POP-UP BOOK. That's a great idea!

Well quite honestly if you think it's a great idea, get the July Previews from Diamond Comics or go on Amazon.com or some such place and order a copy. If we get enough orders the book will be out by this Halloween! So if you guys think it sounds good, that's the way to make sure it sees print!

Q: I like those trailers for TYRANOSTAR, NEARLY DEPARTED and CAPITOL HELL you have on youtube.com. What made you decide to do these?

Different things. I made several animated shorts (in the patented fake-a-mation process) such as MURDER INK just to make short films. I did most of the voices, and the music... it was fun making little movies. Capitol Hell was done to support the Capitol Hell book, Nearly Departed was done to pitch the movie etc.

It's amazing what one lone lunatic can do these days; things that used to be impossible for one guy without a ton of money. The computer makes so much possible, and yes, lots of crap is made possible too. I hope you won't look at mine that way. You can see these at the vonshollywood screening room on my website... which is of course www.vonshollywood.com. Grab a ticket!

Q: You're definitely a fan of the old magazines/comics, like TUROK and CREEPY--and you even have a "Lost" CREEPY story up on your website. Why not start your own mag?

I wanted to start my own mag, that's what MORBID was going to be but I didn't want to pay for printing and deal with distribution etc. I was hoping to find somebody else to do that and of course Dark Horse was very accomodating Three trade paperbacks are available through them and the Creepy story will be in the Halloween issue of FROM THE TOMB. It's also on my website for anyone who'd care to read it. The TUROK cards (fiftyof them!) will also be out from Dark Horse as a boxed set at the end of the year, or the beginning of '09.

Q: What projects are you working on now?

Now I'm pitching a Lovecraft art book (Pete Von Sholly's LOVECRAFTIAN EFFUSIONS, the MONSTER ALPHABET (still!) and DINOGRAPHY, a dinosaur mural book. Also I am making tons of monster cartoons (gag cartoons that is!) for a cartoon collection book.

Q: Anything else?

Remember to check for the ZOMBIE POP-UP BOOK on Amazon.com. And order one if you got the dough- I think you'll like it! Info on all this and much more is on my site- and THANKS FOR ASKING!

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