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Previn Wong
Terror Cards Creator
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger

Q: With Synsnap.com you created a website that has horror trading cards, E-cards. What prompted you to come up with this idea?

With Synsnap.com, I wanted to create an interactive horror community site. There are plenty of movie review sites out there so I wanted Synsnap to be different. The concept was the same as most sites, vote on movies, post a message on the boards, chat, and create your own page. Doing these would earn you points that can be redeemed for a mystery pack of e-cards and eventually other interactive e-stuff. I initially had thought of a Pokemon type battle game (eg. You have Freddy Krueger and face off against someone with Jason Vorhees, weapon cards and all), but it got scaled down to just collectible tradable e-cards. This novel idea and my unsuccessful attempts to find new horror trading cards on Ebay led to the idea of TERROR CARDS.

Q: Tell us about yourself and why are you interested in the horror genre?

I'm living in Southern California, not really in the movie region but within driving distance. My first flick I got my eyes on was PIECES, my father had rented it because he thought there was going to be a lot of T&A in the movie. I was hooked. I love 80's horror and creature features. Demon and zombie flicks are my favorites. I like horror because I think it heightens the senses, it makes the blood pump faster, no other genre can do that to you, not even action. I took a few years of film classes but never got a college degree in the major, because I wanted to make monsters, thus, I went through Joe Blasco Makeup school and got myself a certificate. It was hard doing freelance work so I gave up that lifestyle. Slowly but surely, I'm trying to get back into the horror scene.

I started Necroscope LLC with the vision for it to become an all for one Horror Production Company for movies, toys, artwork, etc.

Q: TERROR CARDS are printed, collectible cards that feature characters from independent horror movies. Who do you think will be more apt to get the cards-fans of independent horror or the card collectors?

I'm targeting both, and I believe both are the same people. Horror fans are collectors in general; we're always looking for a cool poster, skull letter opener, and other stuff like that. I even have some patches on a beat up jacket. Hot Topic stores and Goth kids seems to back up that notion. Card collectors will be interested because TERROR CARDS premiere release is so limited and there are limited autographs to collect, but I think the people that read FANGORIA or RUE MORGUE are the ones most interested in what TERROR CARDS have to offer.

Q: How many cards are there? Tell us some of the companies you're working with?

The set consist of 50 base cards, comprising of 20 from Tempe Entertainment, 10 from Brimstone Media Productions, and 5 each from Fear Films, Frontline Films, 4th Floor Pictures, and BV Entertainment. There are 2000 total sets produced. That's not a lot in the whole scope of things so they will sell out fast. Besides the 50 card base set, there's a 4 card Autographics insert. These are autographed cards of Debbie Rochon and Brinke Stevens, only 50 autographs of each design exist. There is also a 3-card Scream Queens insert. These cards feature 2 scream queens on each card with a brief filmography on the back. Only 100 of each Scream Queen were printed. And finally on the back of each front display card, there's an original creature makeup by an FX artist. I had this made to showcase a talented person. Once again, sorta giving back to the horror community. I am taking submissions from makeup artists who wish to be the next featured artist.

The companies involved were mentioned above. They have all been very support of what I am trying to accomplish with this TERROR CARDS line. They are independent predominately horror production companies that although you might not recognize their work directly, a lot of their films have been picked up by the likes of Full Moon Entertainment, Brian Damage Films, and Sub Rosa Studios. I'm also looking for additional production companies for future releases of TERROR CARDS.

Q: How can people find the cards?

The easiest way to find TERROR CARDS is on the TERROR CARDS website. They are offered for the amazing low price of $14.99. You get 12 packs with 8 cards per pack in a very nice display box, that's 96 total Terror Cards. They are also available at various comic/card shops across the nation. Call your local shop to see if they carry TERROR CARDS, and if they don't, by all means, ask them to.

Q: What do you hope will happen with TERROR CARDS?

I'm hoping people like the idea and concept of TERROR CARDS and support it so it can grow. I'm looking to expand the size of the card set and get many more production companies aboard for future releases. I believe once TERROR CARDS expands, it becomes less of a card set and more of an encyclopedia for the indie horror world. Another goal of TERROR CARDS is to expose the indie horror world and therefore causing fans that get the cards to find interest in some of the movies and eventually rent or buy the movies associated with the cards. I'm also looking to expand the set to include a lot more autographs so fans can collect their favorite scream queens and murderous monsters.

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