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Rick Danford
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you eventually formed your production company.

RICK: I have always wanted to make movies. since I was a child acting in front of the TV. I was fortunate to meet my partners Kerry Hogan and Porl Denicolo at our place of employment and find that we each shared the same passion and desires. I guess it was fate that we ended up becoming Renegade Films.

Q: What is your fondest memory of a horror film that has influenced you?

RICK: I would have to say the George Romero 'Dead' films. My father took me to see 'NOTLD' when I was like 4 and 'Dawn of the Dead' is one of my all time favorite films.

Q: What is DEATH ISLAND about?

RICK: It's about a group of Indie filmmakers who decide to film a few scenes for their horror film on an island overrun by the Living Dead. Greg Nicotero of KNB described the script as 'Survivor on Zombie Island'. I think that about covers it.

Q: Who are some of the actors you have lined up and how did you go about getting them?

RICK: Currently we have Tom Savini of course, Brinke Stevens, Debbie Rochon and Tiffany Shepis are set to star. We knew Tom and Brinke from our first feature 'The Web of Darkness' and Tiffany was supposed to be in 'Web'. Debbie I met through Tom. They all loved the concept and the script and can't wait tofilm it.

Q: How is DEATH ISLAND different from other zombie movies?

RICK: Well I can't tell you too much without ruining some of the surprises we have in store but one thing is it will create a whole new mythos when it comes to the Living Dead. Tom said he didn't think he would want to do another Zombie film after 'NOTLD 90' because he didn't think we could make Zombies scary again. He believes we can make them scary again with thisfilm. Very much so.

Q: Do you think there is a zombie movie come-back, with such films as RESIDENT EVIL?

RICK: Absolutely. The popular video game 'House of the Dead' has been green lit, there is talk of a revised version of 'Dawn of the Dead' in the works, even Peter Jackson of 'Lord of the Rings' fame was recently quoted as saying he wants to do a Zombie film now and word has it that George Romero justfinished his script for the 4th 'Dead' film and is shopping it around as we speak.

Q: Who is your favorite horror director?

RICK: I would have to say John Carpenter. I am not fond of his recent material but 'Halloween', 'The Thing' and 'The Fog' will always have a place in my heart.

Q: What are future productions your company has in mind?

RICK: We have an anthology horror film called 'Final Draft' that we are prepping for after 'Death Island' wraps and my pet project, 'Lycanthrope' is on the burner.

Q: Tell us what your website info is so people can check in on the progress of the movieā€¦.

RICK: www.renegadefilms.com, www.deathisland.com and you can reach me at rick@renegadefilms.net.

Q: Is there anything you want to add?

RICK: Please support Independent filmmaking. We're out here working our butts off to bring you truly original films and non watered down studio tripe. So if you see one of us in a bar, shake our hand and for god's sakes buy us a drink.

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