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Sasha Graham
Actress/Tarot Card Reader
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger

Q: In the mid-to late 90's you were in quite a few low-budget horror and science-fiction movies that were shot on the East Coast. What would you say were the three most memorable, either for good reasons or bad reasons?

"Addicted to Murder", my first movie, was memorable because it marked the beginning of my relationship with Kevin Lindenmuth, who directed. Kevin and I would collaborate several times over. I also loved it cause I was so excited to play a vampire. Vampires are so sexy, strong, dangerous and mysterious!!!

"Polymorph" was memorable cause it was a blast to run around with a gun and pretend I was a tough Mafia chick. The cheese factor was awesome when the alien took over my body!

"Method to the Madness" was hysterical to make because the director, Joe Zazo, wanted my character to be so over the top. We ran into Gary Oldman while we were shooting on the streets of NYC. He was shooting a movie too!

I loved making those movies! Acting is so much fun!

Q: Is it true that you are now a professional Tarot Card Reader? How did that come about?

Yes. I read, write, teach and lecture on the subject of Tarot.

I took time off to raise my daughter when she was born. I knew by the time she was off to Kindergarten, I'd want to be working again. During those years, I asked myself the deep questions about what would make me happy professionally. What would be my next step? Tarot, the occult and the paranormal has always held a special place in my heart. I'd always read Tarot and it seemed a logical step.

What is so amazing about my journey with Tarot, the deeper I go into the rabbit hole - the more amazing it becomes!

Tarot is mysterious, uncanny, magical and transformational all at the same time!

Q: Do people freak out when they get "The Death Card?"

Yes! That's putting it mildly. The Death card does not equal physical death - at least not the way I read Tarot. The Death card simply means transformation on a very profound level. I've never, ever seen or predicted an actual physical death.

Q: You are also married and have a kid? You are still a New Yorker?

I have black coffee and The New York Times hardwired into my DNA. I'd be a New Yorker even if I picked up and moved to the North Pole. Which, by the way, I have no intention of doing. Yes, I've lived in this incredible city for over twenty years now. I still love it as much as I did the moment I took up residence here.

Yes, I'm a happily married lady and a proud mother.

Q: Rumor has it that you may be getting back in to movies, not to mention television? Can you talk about what's happening with any of those possibilities?

You've heard right!... There's a whole lot cooking in regard to movies and TV. You'll be the first to know when I can confirm a new movie or television show!

And you are writing a book?

I am currently writing a book on Tarot. I'm warning you, Tarot is addictive. Could transform your life!

Q: How can people contact you/get updates?

People can visit my website: www.sashagraham.com. Read my Blog: tarotgirl.wordpress.com/ or friend me on Facebook!

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