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Stephanie Beaton
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger


Unnaturally Born Killer (1995)
Teen Witches (1995)
Shattered Mind (1995 NBC Film)
Through the Looking Glass (1995 NBC Film)
Monopoly (1996)
Witchcraft 9, Bitter Flesh (1996)
The Zombie Ninja (1996/1997)
A Mid-Cybers Night Dream (1997 Showtime)
Tales From the Cannibal Side (1997)
Twilight (1997)
Dying to Meet You (1997)
Witchcraft 10, Mistress of the Craft (1997)
A Passion to Kill (1998)
Eyes of a Werewolf (1999)
HeadCrusher (1999)
Witchcraft 11, Blood Sisters (1999)
V-World Matrix (1999)
Open Wide (1999 Sundance Film Festival)
The Evilmaker (1999)
Monster in My Car (1999)
A Passion (2000 USA Network)
Plus 5 Music Videos which were on MTV and a Penthouse Video

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got bitten by the acting bug?

It wasn't tell I came to California from Ohio that I really started to think about acting. So I tried some acting classes when I was a teenager and found that I liked it. It was exciting. So I gave it a shot. I moved to Los Angeles in 1992 and from then on it, it all began. When I first moved to California, I moved to Port Hueneme. Obviously, there was no chance of a career living there so I had to move to here.

How has it been working on the various WITCHCRAFT movies, the different directors, the various takes on your Det. Lutz character? Which WITCHCRAFT movie do you like the best?

I love working the WITCHCRAFT films. Jerry Fiefer, of Vista Street Entertainment, who does all these... ..he is the greatest! Of all the episodes I have been in, I liked working on WITCHCRAFT 11 the BEST! The reason is I got to work with Ron Ford and its sooooo wonderful to work with him! He made my character, Det. Lutz tough, mean and lean! I like that! She don't take shit that's for sure. Now I just wish Jerry Fiefer would let Ron direct and write #12, which should be going into production soon.

Tell us a bit about your recent projects, such as THE EVILMAKER. How was it working with John Bowker and his crew?

THE EVILMAKER... ..I shot back in 1999. That film was FANTASTIC to work on! John Bowker was the so sweet and wonderful. He knew exactly what he wanted and rarely did he compromise his goal or vision to each scene. He busted his ass as well as the entire crew and cast. Joe Sherlock was the DP on that film and he and Bowker working together were the perfect combination for making that film great! Rob Merickel did all SFX and was GOOD! When it comes to Savini and Rob, there about the same!!!!! I would love to get a chance to work with these guys again and I hope sometime VERY soon that will happen.

As for the other projects... ..OPEN WIDE I shot at the end of 1999 too. That went straight to the Sundance film festival. I played Jessica Grabbit, the hottest name in the porn industry. If you like film/documentary style stuff, you'll love this one.

I also shot V-WORLD MATRIX, a 3-D film. Ron directed that one which made it nice to work on.

And in 2000, I shot a film for USA Network called A PASSION. I play the lead, Janna Marks, who gets wrapped up in this underground sex world with her boyfriend who she loves to death but in the end, she takes his own life!

What is the favorite character you portrayed in any of your movies and why is this character your favorite?

Boy this is a toughy!!! I like playing Det. Lutz because she is tough, but I also enjoyed playing Serena in THE EVILMAKER, mainly because she was more then just one style. She had many facets to her and depth to her character. She went from one level to another which I LOVE to do!

If you could act opposite any actor in a film who would it be?

I say it would be Al Pacino. I like Robert De Niro but he scares me. Some of the stories I have heard about him and his acting and stuff he does is scary.

Do you think that you'll ever try to direct a film of your own, after having worked on so many other people's projects?

I've thought about it. BUT, I see the way and how hard it is for the directors I HAVE worked with and to tell you the truth, I don't know if I could handle something like that. I mean, they have a tough job. Constant people, actors on them from every side asking questions. It might drive me crazy but who knows, maybe I would try it and see how I like it and if I COULD handle something like that.

What will you be doing this upcoming year (2001)

So far I have a few things lined up. In March, I am headed up to northern California to shoot BIKINI PLANET. I play the lead, Princess Nibbi. It's a 50's style comedy spoofed off of many, many films. Conrad Brooks stars as the President.

Then in April, I am headed to Cleveland, Ohio to sign autographs at the FRIGHTVISION CONVENTION on April 6,7, and 8th.

I am also planning on relocating to a new location this year so I am hoping that with that, THE BAGMAN, my film from Silver Moon Productions, will FINALLY get made.

Anything you want to add?

Last year, 2000, was a EXTREMELY rough and hard year fro me but I have hopes that 2001 will be better for me and for a lot of other people I know. Just Keep the Blood Flowing!

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