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Timo Rose
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger

Q: What tends to be your favorite type of horror movie?

Good question. I love all horror movies if they are good.

Q: Why do you make horror films? What is it about them that appeals to you?

I am bound to horror movies. At the age of six years old I saw AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and POLTERGEIST and I was scared to death. But I also loved it. From that point on I was addicted to horror movies and my biggest dream was to be a filmmaker.

Q: Are all your movies shot in Germany?

I have worked in Germany, Italy et cetera. Some parts of my movies were shot in the States. I am looking forward to making a film entirely in the U.S.

Q: What was the most challenging production, of your own, that you worked on?

I think that was GAME OVER, with Debbie Rochon, Raine Brown, Nicola Fiore and Magdalena Alina Kalley, because the story is so fuckin' hardcore and rough. I think that was the most challenging production I ever had. The majority of the time we had fun. But we also had days, where after the last shot, we all sat there and no one said anything. We just stared at each other.

Q: From watching the preview online GAME OVER looks like it's along the lines of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and SAW. What is that movie about?

The movie o about Tina, who left the States for Germany. Tina is played by Debbie. She left to find herself and she also left to forget "something" or "someone" . Two friends come over to visit her in Germany (Raine Brown and Nicola Fiore) and they all get kidnapped. That's all I can tell you about the story.

Q: What was the weirdest thing that ever happened on one of your films?

The weirdest thing...uhm Well, we had this fantastic "zombie-shoot" in a town named Goslar. We weren't allowed to shoot in the mall or McDonald but I really wanted to have that material in the movie. So we brought 6 cameras to that area, then the zombies, and then we shot those scenes. Fifteen minutes later the police arrived and we jumped into our cars and took off.

Q: Your recently released movie, BEAST, features Joe Zaso and Raine Brown, who have been in several other of your movies. How did you start working with them? What is it that they bring to a production?

I called Joe in 2006 to see if he was interested in working with me as a producer, then as an actor etc. That was for BARRICADE. He said "yes" and he also said that there's a good actress named Raine Brown. So, that was the story.

Q: You're also an actor, in your own movies as well as others, such as DARKNESS SURROUNDS ROBERTA. Do you find it easier to act in other director's movies or your own? Does being an actor help you direct other actors?

I think a director has to know how to act-- and it's also part of my job. I had acting lessons and my acting coaches. For me, it is important to know all "sides" of filmmaking. I have to understand every single step of it all, from directing to acting . Of course, this helps--I can show the actors something I want. Other directors may only be able to tell them what they want. I think that mix is good for cast and crew... it makes it much much easier. I also acted in "BEYOND THE LIMITS" and other films and that also is a learning process. As an actor I worked for many production companies and directors of for televison, such as MTV. It all helped me.

Q: What is your next project?

I have lots of projects in the pipeline. The next one will be KARL THE BUTCHER vs. AXE and I'll be doing that movie with Andreas Schnaas. We had previously don UNRATED: THE MOVIE together. I'm also planning a new movie for December and one for February. I'm also working on my new album (music stuff) together with actress and musical singer Magdalena Kalley (Phantom of the opera, Grease etc). You can find some info and music here

Q: How can people contact you?

They can hit me up on Facebook or Myspace. Thanks for the interview and greetings to all my friends and family. Stay tuned for more! He he he.

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