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Vito Trabucco
Horror Interview by The Gravedigger

This mock documentary, B-MOVIE: THE SHOOTING OF FARMHOUSE MASSACRE, is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time, particularly because it's played so straight.

It is definitely in the spirit of such movies as AMERICAN MOVIE and AND GOD SPOKE and is guaranteed to make you chuckle out loud a few times.

I had the opportunity to ask director AND star Vito Trabucco a few questions…

Q: First, tell us about yourself and your influences…

VITO: Well I'm 25 years old. I've been a Cinematographer for a couple of years. From there I just got turned onto directing. Even acting is pretty fun too (if I didn't look so fat on camera). From an acting point of view I'm just a huge fan of Christopher Guest (Spinal Tap). You just can't beat his comedy… As a director I just can't get enough of the great visual Directors like Hitchcock, Federico Fellini, David Lynch and to me Kubrick is God.


VITO: It's about Love and Life… Okay really it's about a couple of idiots who set out to make the best B movie ever (at least in their minds). I play the director of the film and my partner in crime is Mark "Symbol of Excellence" Terry who plays the producer. The movie is played out in documentary style. Basically it's about how dumb Mark and I can make ourselves look for over an hour.

Q: What made you decide to make a spoof of "B-movies?"

VITO: Well it's funny. I met Mark on the set of "South Florida" (which ironically was a drama). I was the DP and he was one of the stars. We always talked about how it would be great to work together. As we were in pre production on a project, Mark was casted in a "B-Move" and referred me as DP. Now I'm a big fan of the old 60's and 70's B-movies but we really had no idea about this whole sub culture that was out there today. We even checked out some conventions and we were blown away by the die-hard fans. So we put our other project on hold to do this. The problem was that I really didn't want to make a "B-Movie" so we decided to turn it into a comedy.

Q: Comedies tend to be difficult to pull off - were you worried about this?

VITO: Not at all. I was very confident in our actors' ability to improv. We didn't even have a script for this movie. Just an idea, and we just ran with it. The interviews with Mark and myself in the movie, we had no idea what the questions were going to be, but Mark was cracking me up the whole time he was answering the questions. I just surrounded myself with people that had the same sense of humor as me. And I guess it just worked.

Q: How did the story for B-MOVIE: THE SHOOTING OF FARMHOUSE MASSACRE come about?

VITO: When Mark and myself set off to make a "B-Movie", it was actually our lawyer who wrote a serious outline for us to write a script for, and we were laughing our asses off while we were reading this (God, I hope our lawyer doesn't read this interview). Anyhoot, we thought that "Farmhouse Massacre" would be the perfect title for a B-movie spoof.

Q: How did you get your one actress naked on such a low budget of a movie?

VITO: Suzi was a trooper from the day we met her. She knew exactly what we were making fun of and she wasn't going to let money stop us from making something entertaining. That's why we love Suzi so much and can't wait to work with her again.

Q: Any weird anecdotes about the production? Anything that mirrors reality?

VITO: A lot of it did. Some of the cast and crew actually thought we were making a real movie called "Farmhouse Massacre". Can you believe that? The guy who owned the farmhouse was watching me run around in a frickin' beret, and he though it was real. A couple of the people who worked very close to us thought it was real. It was something else.

Q: What are your next projects?

VITO: Well this is the first feature under our label Blood Cinema Entertainment (BloodCinema.com). Which consists of Mark Terry, Shelby McIntyre, and myself. Along with Jason Reynolds, Anthony Comparetto, and Joe Trabucco (I just had to plug everybody there). And the next thing we got brewing up is "Bloody Bloody Bible Camp" (so much for not making B-movies) which is written by Shelby McIntyre and myself, and we will be co directing this as well. Mark Terry will be producing yet again. Shelby and myself are also working on some stuff that will be in the immediate future after "Bloody Bloody Bible Camp".

Q: Anything you want to add?

Yes there is. I want to let everyone know who watches "B-Movie" that if you think that's dumb, you ain't seen shit yet.

Official Web Site at www.BloodCinema.com

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