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11-11-11 (2011)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

11-11-11 (2011) Yet another shot-in-the-dark Red Box rental that happened to be an Asylum Entertainment travesty. Of course, Asylum releases lower grade rip-offs of more successful Hollywood flicks and usually lets the Syfy Channel (that's what it's called now? I don't have cable) release them. I assume this was the studio's cash-in on "Insidious" since they kept showing the same house exteriors used in the James Wan film, if I remember correctly.

It's some stupid 9/11 conspiracy based bullshit flick about a kid whose birthday falls on 11/11/11 and a neighborhood who is into some Illuminati gibberish. The 9/11 "inside job" talk is completely basic and unconvincing (as always) and it eventually ties into some kind of demonic possession horse shit in the end, involving a semi-retarded kid...

The idea of basing a horror film around a 9/11 conspiracy is an okay idea (though I, personally, really loath the whole bullshit "possibility" that certain people still seem to stand by), but in typical Asylum fashion, "11/11/11" is a monumental failure on every conceivable level of cinematic rendering. The characters are so flat and annoyingly dull that their performances are nearly unwatchable, the PG-13 rating (should've been PG-11! BOO!) allowed for no gore or 'edge', and the entire plot was predictable and went absolutely nowhere! Again, could've made for an interesting idea - the most they did with it was having a helmet wearing tard at one point saying "The first plane that flew into the World Trade Center was Flight 11 and the number 11 is the only number that you cannot count to with fingers. HUMAN fingers, that is". What?? Oh! CLEVER. Just a ridiculous, half-ass piece of shit. Ugh. I give this movie negative 11 stars out of a possible 11 and 11 middle fingers as I just now crack my 11th beer in hopes of forgetting this shit movie.

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