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ABCs Of Death 2, The (2014)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

ABCs Of Death 2, The (2014) In the first story, "A is for Amateur", a guy is practicing shooting in a firing range and then boxing, in preparation for crawling through a building vent to assassinate a bad guy. Things don't go as planned for him but he ultimately accomplishes his goal. In "B is for Badger" a ass-hole nature tv host is presenting a story of how badgers no longer live in the area because of toxic waste--and is dragged off by something very ferocious living in that badger hole. Then a guy, accused by a local community of killing a girl, is forced to admit his guilt and taken to be executed. Then, they see that the girl is still alive. "D is for De-loused" features stop-motion animation and is quite nightmarish. It reminds me of Lynch's ERASERHEAD. "E is for Equilibrium" is my least favorite, about what two guys stranded on a desert island do when a woman washes ashore. "F is for Falling" deals with the Israeli/Arab conflict in the MidEast and is a bit pretentious. In "G is for Grandad" a long-haired man lives with his grandfather and the old man goes nuts when his grandson calls him a "wanker". It's disturbing and one of the better tales "H is for Headgames" has Plimpton-style animation and provoked a big "eh" from me. In "I is for Invincible" a family tries to kill their hideous old grandmother for her inheritance but she can't die. After they set her on fire and cut off her head and she passes her legacy on. "J is for Jesus" is revenge tale about a gay lover returning to save his boyfriend from some violent homophobes. "K" features an odd alien invasion story in which a woman looks out of her apartment window to see a strange orb over the structure across the street from her--and then people killing each other in the windows. "L is for Legacy" features a cool man-in-a-suit type monster. "M is for Masticate" is one of the best stories with a fat guy with white eyes and pee stained underwear running down a busy street in broad daylight and attacking people. He gets shot by the police---and then we see a flashback to "34 minutes earlier", which shows the reason he went insane. "N is for Nexus" takes place on Halloween in New York City, with a couple--dressed like Frankenstein's Monster and The Bride--rendezvousing for a party. This Larry Fessenden directed short is surprisingly weak. "O" takes place in a world where a human woman is on trial for killing zombies by zombies. She pleads it was self defense--and this has an unexpected ending. "P is for P-P-P-P-Scary!" has three escaped criminals who look like they are from the 1930's encountering some strange situation. It's very much influenced by Richard Elfman's FORBIDDEN ZONE. "R is for Roulette" says it all and you can guess what happens but not the reason why they are playing the game. "S is for Split" is great, with a man on the phone with his wife as she's attacked by an unknown assailant. It's all shown in split-screen so we see his reaction as she's terrorized. In "T is for Torture Porn" an actress is at an audition being objectified by the crew and she turns the tables on them. The short is a lot like a live version of an R rated Anime cartoon. "U is for Utopia" takes place in a future society where a homely, overweight man is not accepted. "V is for Vacation" is the best film here. A young man is on a hotel balcony, talking on his phone via Skype to his girlfriend back home. He tells her he's having a great vacation in Thailand with his buddy--and that he misses her. Then, his friend comes outside, grabs the phone and locks him out on the porch. He then proceeds to show her what they've really been up to-- hard drugs and having sex with prostitutes. And things quickly get worse. The letter "W" is also one of my favorites, about two boys who are transported into a commercial about their favorite "He Man" type action figure, "Fantasy Man". But the reality is horrifying and bloody as they are captured and imprisoned in the dungeon of a castle. That is, until "Fantasy Man" comes to the rescue. "X is for Xylophone" features a story from the crazed babysitter sub-genre" and is appropriately nasty. "Z is for Zygote" ends the two-hour anthology with a bang. A pregnant woman waits for her husband to return before she gives birth--but he doesn't return for a very long time, which means that her unborn baby gets VERY large.

Overall, I found THE ABC's OF DEATH 2 better than the first movie. Recommended.

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