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Absurd (1981)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Absurd (1981) Despite Joe D'Amato's callous sentiment toward his film making ambition, there have been a few of his flicks that I've enjoyed - "Absurd" being one. It's commonly considered a sequel to D'Amato's 1980 cannibal-slasher film "Anthropophagous" - one I very much enjoyed - though there aren't enough links between the films to back this up. It was also marketed under the handle "Zombie 6: Monster Hunter", which is even MORE ludicrous. If anything, "Absurd" is a simple Italian rip-off of "Halloween". Not a sequal to Jack OR shit.

A genetically altered man whose blood rapidly coagulates runs amok around a quiet community while a priest and police detective desperately follow the wake of bodies in search of the "monster". It seems the only way to kill him is to pierce his cranium, otherwise, he's nearly invincible. There's a few random death scenes involving a drill through the head, a band-saw ALSO through the head, and a disappointingly obstructed strangulation scene. Finally, the semi-indestructible killer makes his way to a house occupied by a small child, a short-haired nurse, and a girl recovering from a broken neck. He, of course, breaks in and 'goes to town'...

The gore scenes are decent enough and George Eastman is still creepy even through he's missing any kind of corpsey make-up (i.e. "Anthropophagous"). He also wrote this film which leads me to believe he intentionally wrote out the possibility of make-up effects so the audience could enjoy his beard, uninhibited. "Absurd" isn't anything GREAT, though I still didn't find anything about it that seriously pissed me off or kept me from being entertained. Could've probably used a little more explaination as to what the fuck is going on as to this guy and his superhuman state, though that would've required a certain amount of creativity that D'Amato would've surely have found unappealing. Don't bend over backwards to get a copy, but you COULD do a lot worse...

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