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Adam And Eve Meet The Cannibals (1983)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Adam And Eve Meet The Cannibals (1983) This is an interesting version of the Genesis tale of Adam and Eve. Adam emerges, as an adult, from a placenta-like growth in the ground. He wanders around the tropical paradise and doesn't have any conflicts with any of the animals, including lions. But he gets lonely. When he makes his way to a sandy beach he sculpts the life-size figure of a woman in the sand and lays next to it. When it begins to rain he tries to cover it with his body, fearing it will be ruined, but the rain washes away the sand and underneath is a real, live woman- a blonde Eve. Almost immediately the serpent, which looks like a python, tries to convince her to eat an apple from the tree of knowledge. She does and he follows-and immediately they have lustful thoughts and have sex. That night there's a terrible, hurricane-like storm and volcanos explode. They flee as their paradise is destroyed. The take shelter in a big cave and when they return find a desert wasteland, which they soon traverse. They come across some ostrich sized eggs to eat-and are attacked by a pterodactyl, which they kill and eat. Then they are captured by ape-men, who take them back to their cave dwellings. They think they want to eat them but they want to mate-and the chief wants Adam to have sex with his daughter. He declines. Later, the ape-men all flee from a tiger that appears but Adam and Eve have no fear-and the tiger comes right up to them. The couple continue on their journey. Adam wants to go to the sea, she wants to be safe. They split. She encounters a tribe of humans who paint themselves green and hooks up with one of the men, who is actually good to her. However, they are invaded by a group of cannibalistic Neanderthals. Adam eventually shows up and he and her new beau fight-and she picks to go with Adam. They continue to travel onwards and make it past the mountains to a glacier covered area. Adam fights off a pack of wolves and they escape that danger. Then, miraculously, the snow begins to melt and they eventually find themselves in a much greener area where they can survive, which is good because Eve is clearly pregnant. By this time they are also living near another human community but still clearly seem more advanced. The last scene is Adam and Eve going into the ocean shore for her to give birth.

ADAM AND EVE is an odd but entertaining movie. It has the same feel as Lucio Fulci's CONQUEST, which was made the same year, as well as YOR: HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE.

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