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Alone In The Dark 2 (2010)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Alone In The Dark 2 (2010) In New York's Central Park three people, armed with guns, take refuge in a public restroom. They are Turner (Natassia Malthe of VAMPIRE WARS), Wilson (Michael Pare of 100 FEET) and Parker (Jason Connery, son of Sean). Parker is infected with these dark veins all over his face. What they don't know is that someone heard them and is hiding in one of the stalls. The woman warns that "she's coming", according to a device she keeps on looking at, which then cuts to the point of view of something rushing through the trees towards their hideout. They hide something in one of the pipes near the toilet before the creature,whatever it is, attacks and kills them. Three days later the guy who was in the stall approaches Edward Carnby and shows him the black dagger he recovered. The guy ends up stabbing Carnby but another group of people get to him just in time. They are led by a guy named Dexter (Bill Moseley of DEAD AIR, DEVIL'S REJECTS), whose first inclination is to kill Carnby since the witch has marked him. Dexter's father had dealings with this witch and for some reason she wants Dexter's daughter, Natalie.

Natalie goes to Abner (Lance Henriksen), who was a colleague of the grandfather's. But he says he's done with the occult and doesn't want to become involved with the situation. He also reveals that the grandfather had gone to the dark side and the reason the witch is after he is that he made an agreement to give her his daughter's body.

I enjoyed this much better than the first ALONE IN THE DARK, I think perhaps because Uwe Boll only produced this, he didn't undirect it. Then again, I did like IN THE NAME OF THE KING and FAR CRY, so go figure. Also, the CGI effects are to a minimum, which is good, because it doesn't seem like I was watching a video game. I did think it extremely funny that they cast actor Rick Yune in the Carnby role and in the first movie that character was portrayed by Christian Slater. Maybe they were trying to find an actor who had Slater's trademark squint and when they couldn't find anyone said, "screw it", and hired an Asian.

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