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American Cyborg (1994)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

American Cyborg (1994) Think AFTER THE FALL OF NEW YORK crossed with TERMINATOR 2 and you get the idea of this movie. Humanity is slowly dying out and the cyborgs have taken over. The last fertile female, a blonde woman in her early twenties, has to get her fetus to the coast within thirty hours so that some European scientists can put it in an artificial womb. For some reason she can't be impregnated with her own child-so in order to get it to them she carries it in a backpack type device and has to feed him every several hours.The city this takes place in is pretty much rubble and smoke-and at night looks like the production design from the flashbacks to the future in the TERMINATOR movies, with lots of blue light. On her journey the woman meets a guy named Austin (Joe Lara of TARZAN: THE EPIC ADVENTURES), who ends up helping her. They have to make way past scavengers and a group of vicious looking cannibals. In a battle with a cyborg who is after them his arm his pulled off-and it's revealed that he's a machine as well, which takes him totally by surprise. The woman freaks out and runs away-but he convinces her that he's truly trying to help her and is not controlled by the machine mind. They eventually make it to the Coast and get the baby fetus to the artificial womb just in time. The woman goes off in the boat with the scientists and Austin decides to stay and try to fight the cyborgs.AMERICAN CYBORG is too much like too many other movies. It's part TERMINATOR, and rips off other films like THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR and AFTER THE FALL OF NEW YORK. And naming the cyborg Austin (as in the SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN) was just stupid.
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