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Animals (2008)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Animals (2008) This is movie is based on the werewolf novel of the same name by John Skipp and Craig Spector. The film begins with a trite voiceover that explains there's a type of human who hunts and kills for the fun of it. They also enjoy the taste of human flesh. Then the next scene goes to Jarrett (Marc Blucas of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER), a loser who hits a deer and then sees something with glowing eyes that freaks him out. Then, Vic (Naveen Andrews) and Nora (Nicki Aycox) are introduced. They are two of the "shape-changers" and are on their way to Reno, Nevada for some food and fun. They kill some guys but we only see Vic with fangs and weird eyes. Then, the story goes back to Jarrett, who hates his job and hangs out at his best friend's bar. When Vic and Nora have a fight, she leaves and ends up in that bar where Jarrett is feeling sorry for himself. They hook up, go back to his crappy place and have sex. During the sex scenes we see her eyes change color and when he wakes up the next morning his eyes burn the same color, implying that whatever makes her "different" has been sexually transmitted to him. She says she wants to live with him and he goes along with it, unsure, because she's sort of wild. Then he gets fired from his job, which makes matters worse.

However, Vic wants his mate back (he says they mate for life), so there's trouble when he reunites with her. He kidnaps her. Jarrett is distraught and wants to rescue her but things don't go quite as planned. Then, there's someone else he knows who also turns out to be one of these creatures and he has sex with her, which all seems a little too convenient. And, of course, there's a confrontation between Vic and Jarrett at the end since only one of them can be the "Alpha".

I found this movie adaptation of the novel incredibly disappointing. The book was epic in scope, with lots of werewolves, and here there are only a few. The word "werewolf" isn't even mentioned and the movie tries to make them more like vampires, with the weird teeth and eyes, that turn into these ghostlike creatures. I think they opted this route as it was too expensive to have the full CGI werewolves like in UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS. So, if you're renting this out with the expectation of seeing a cool werewolf movie you'll end up wanting to melt this sucker.

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