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Apollo 18 (2011)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Apollo 18 (2011) Okay, it BLAIR WITCH PROJECT GOES TO THE MOON, basically! Allegedly, there were only seventeen Apollo missions and the final one was scrapped due to budgetary cuts in the early '70's, but this POV/Found Footage movie purports to bring us that final "secret" trip to the moon, documentary style! And actually, it's not bad at all. Seamlessly blending real NASA footage in with the new stuff, we follow four astronauts who embark on a final "secret" mission to the moon and discover that a Russian space capsule is already on the dark side of the moon and its occupants are dead. Then...like Josh freaking out about twigs in the woods, our heroic astronauts begin to get the creeps over moon rocks that seem alive...or are they REALLY squid-like alien creatures up to no good? And why is the Department Of Defense actually behind this mission? Government double-crosses and paranoia drape the atmosphere with helpless fear [kind of like living in America today, right?] as all hell breaks loose and one of the astronauts is "infected" by something otherwordly and the shuttle breaks down, stranding them on the moon. This found-footage movie kept me watching and engaged, which is the goal of any piece of entertainment, honestly, so I'd highly recommend this one if you're looking for something unique and different in the found footage genre. It's definitely worth a look and has some tense moments. My biggest beef is with the CGI monsters (can't anyone go back to using practical effects which still look so great in classics like ALIEN?!?!), which looked...cartoon-ish to me. Also, I find it positively amazing how well Hollywood can fake a trip to the moon and sell it so easy, especially using the documentary/crappy footage camera techniques. When you watch this flick, utilizing real stock NASA footage mixed with studio and green screen effects...think about how easy it would've been for the Government and Hollywood to dupe us back in 1969 with Apollo 11's alleged REAL moonwalk...To me, the evidence is on the screen right here ...

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