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Attack of the Giant Leeches (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Attack of the Giant Leeches (2009) Brett Kelly's newest monster movie is about those damn giant bloodsucking worms.

The movie starts with an old codger spying on a trio of young girls out in the woods, by a lake. He's out hunting but there are no animals to be seen. He soon discovers why when he's wading in a marsh and is attacked by a three foot long leech that jumps up an attaches itself to his privates. He manages to get it off and goes back into town with the wild story. No one believes him, of course.

Other characters include a cheating wife and her bald husband, who looks like Paul Bartel. The main characters are the newly appointed game warden and his girlfriend and her father, who just happens to be a doctor/scientist. He looks just like Jack LaLane, only without the muscles.

This is a lot like Roger Corman's THE GIANT LEECHES but I found it more entertaining because it's funnier. For example, in a scene in which the doctor says "the body has been forcibly drained of blood" the game warden replies, "Doc, speak English". How can you get more clearer than that?

The giant leeches look best when they are sliding through the water, particularly when accompanied by that music. The only thing I thought a bit weird is that the entire story takes place around this marsh and it's clearly September or October, by the height of those corn crops in the background, and it's also way up north, by all those pine trees-- and leeches tend to not like the cold water. I guess this can be attributed to their mutation as well.

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