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Autumn (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Autumn (2009) This zombie flick from the UK begins like the show SURVIVORS, with nearly everyone killed off by an Ebola-like plague. Some people are immune, such as a teacher, a father and a student. At first there's a large group but three of them--Michael, Emma and Carl-- go off on their own, out into a house in the country where it may be safer from all the rotting bodies. Yet, those bodies aren't staying still. They are reanimating. At first they are very sluggish and slow. They don't want to eat anyone. Until they day they begin to be attracted by light and sound. When one of the guys goes out to check the electric generator he has to get past several of the walking dead. Then, one guy is attacked by a fast one. The zombies are becoming more intelligent and can plan things out, such as when they ambush a small dog to eat. The last twenty minutes of the movie seems like it was tagged on, as it introduces David Carradine as an old guy who has his zombie mother tied up in bed. This whole thing is unnecessary and boring.

While the story adds absolutely nothing to the zombie sub-genre they did at least have decent makeup effects. These creatures are horribly realistic looking in their decomposition. As of this point I a m officially burned out on zombie movies.

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