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Avenging Fists, The (2001)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Avenging Fists, The (2001) This movie is widely known as The Legend of Tekken, though I have not a clue why 'cause it has nothing to do with the Namco game series and states that fact at film's end. I think maybe it's the main 'hero's' haircut or something. Call it what you want, this flick is an ass-kicker. If you like The Matrix, then this Hong Kong mix of sci-fi and kung-fu will make you drool as it's better than that wannabe tough film. I mean several of the people involved here can actually fight, examples Yuen Biao and Samo Hung should bring a smile to your face. Everything in Avenging Fists is way over-the-top and computer enhanced to the max, so the fight scenes are a site to behold. The story is also kinda neat, even though the characters names are silly as hell. I hope that fact comes from a badly translated subtitle job, if not oh well, maybe they sound cooler in Cantonese. In this movie, the future is very strange. We can no longer go outside, except at night. The world is wholly computer technology oriented (not much different than now), with crazy electronics like cyber bikes and rings used as cell phones. Strange experiments have been conducted trying to unlock the parts of the brain we never use. The 90% we seem to miss they say is called The Forbidden Zone (sorta different than the Planet of The Apes huh?) and unlocking this can produce incredible physical and mental abilities. An invention called the Power Glove was able to unlock this and three men became very powerful. Samo Hung plays a cop who went through this process, but uses his glove to help fight crime. The other two became evil, though Wind Thunder played by Yuen Biao was brainwashed by the other who now uses him as his assassin due to Thunder's martial arts powers. Thunder had invented a fighting style called the Avenging Fists that was stronger than anything before it. He saved this knowledge via computer and his wife before being taken away (though the world thought him killed by the cop Dark) by the evil Combat 21. Now 20 years later, his son and daughter have learned some of this and unlocked their powers of the brain through the art without using any devices. Their mom has trained them, but keeps this a secret, warning them never to use the Fists in public, though the rascally son does occasionally. Soon though, they are exposed and the sister kidnapped by the their father's evil master so he can probe her for the secret knowledge of the avenging fists that he can't seem to steal from their daddy's brain. Officer Dark gives the son Meganova his father's power glove to help him fight the evil bastard and get his sister back. Along with the sister's boyfriend Iron Surfer (who can fight like a bitch also), he heads off to get her back. The crazy fights and story that plays out kept me happy. Some of the shit was kinda sad though, as the mom gets killed by her own husband who's still brainwashed, the father dies in a hail of bullets after finally getting his mind back while saving his son, and the sister ends up dieing and giving her boyfriend some of her power. Our two heroes finally pop the villain's ass with their combined enhanced skills and stop him cold. I smell sequel though, as Hong Kong loves to cash in as bad as Hollywood. Hell, honestly it's probably already out by now if you know how those guys pump out action films. Sci-fi sporting awesome kung-fu and crazy FX, The Avenging Fists will keep you glued in spite of the horrid names and a few silly spots along the way. Fuck The Matrix, this shit is better!
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