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Babylon 5: Season Three (1996)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Babylon 5: Season Three (1996) The stakes are upped as Babylon Five is forced to secede from the Earth and become an independent entity, as the government of Earth has sided with the "Shadows". Doctor Franklin becomes addicted to stims (stimulants) and ends up taking a leave of absence and going on a "walkabout" around the ship to get his shit together. He does end up confronting his inner self and eventually returns to work.

One of the best episodes of the series is a two-parter involving time-travel, which ties into an episode from the first season when Sinclair found the BABYLON 4 Station. Delenn tells Captain Sheridan that he must help take this BABYLON station back 1000 years, to the previous war the Minbari had with the Shadows. Sinclair, the first commander of Babylon 5, returns to the station after receiving a 900 year old letter.....and he ends up going back in time and, through the same device that transformed Delenn into a human, uses it to transform himself into a Minbari. He is Valen, the one who established their current society.

In the last episodes Sheridan's wife, Anna (Melissa Gilbert), reappears and tells him what he thinks about the Shadows is wrong. He has the doctor do tests on her to confirm that she is who she says she is. He agrees to go back to the Shadow's barren home world, so they can explain their intentions to him. He knows that this is likely a one-way trip. Once there, the Shadows say that what what they are doing in creating wars is basically the same thing as kicking over ant hills. It's so that the various races will fight and only the strongest will survive, thus continuing evolution. Sheridan ends up remotely crashing his spaceship, the White Star, into this base but not before he jumps down into a bottomless chasm. It looks like he bites the dust, for sure.

So far, this is the best season of the show and brings everything together that's been building up for three years.

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