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Bad Taste (1987)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Bad Taste (1987) Long before director Peter Jackson took on the daunting task of bring The Lord of the Rings trilogy to your local multiplex, he made this awesome cult, kick-ass alien invasion gore fest that ranks as one of the best black comedies ever in my opinion. One classick scene after another rolls by in this awesome movie. The funny New Zealand accents and slang only add to the enjoyment. This film made Peter Jackson a household name among horror and gore fans long before the Lord ever rung. It seems that an alien fast food change has come to Earth in search of the next new exotic taste for the galaxy and it's us. Lord Crumb's fast food empire has found that homo sapiens are the next big thing as far as food goes and that our planet is teeming with fresh meats. He and a crew of his workers have managed to de-bone and fillet a small town's worth of folks and have them packed and ready for lift off. The wacky space ship looks like an old two-story house and soon the aliens will head home to get approval of their new snack. The government has been watching though and this shit hasn't gone unnoticed, no sir. The 'Boys' are called in and soon learn the truth and are putting a stop to these ugly aliens and their plot. Now, the great thing about this flick is the wonderful, over-the-top scenes that get us from beginning to end. Alien invasion doesn't exactly smoke with originality, but the way this is pulled off will have you laughing one minute and about to puke the next. God, this movie is so awesome. The wonderful one-liners, the gore, the alien puke drinking scene, and lastly the aliens with asses popping from their pants after finally saying to hell with the human disguises all make this one of my favorite movies ever. And then there's Derrick, the poor bugger who fights the aliens valiantly, even after a fall leaves his head with a trapdoor in the back. He awakens after his fall to find he's lost a little gray matter and has seizures whenever his skull flap flaps open. Derrick heroically fights on 'cause he's a Derrick and Derricks don't run. He has to utilize a few different items to keep that head happy. His top hat makes him look like a bad Bob Dylan impersonator. Later, he decides to just use his belt to clamp that head shut, after putting back a little dirt and straw too. He alone kills Lord Crumb after the sucker has flown away by diving chainsaw 1st through the bastard, making a cut that that sends Derrick through the aliens head and out his ass. Of course the other guys have had plenty of fun in the meantime, killing the aliens left and right in wonderfully bloody, funny scenes. By film's end, Derrick is flying back to wherever those assholes came from wearing his new Lord Crumb suit and chainsaw ready for more action. This thing is grosser than 99 % of the movies around, but the scenes are so funny and a little cartoony that it never really makes you feel scared too or grossed out. It just leaves a happy glow after viewing, not a Bad Taste in your mouth at all... well, maybe that puke drinking scene will, hahahahahaha! It seems weird now, as I never would have thought I'd see anything more fun than this, but Jackson made two more classicks, one going beyond even Bad Taste in terms of gore and laughs. Still, this was my 1st taste of Peter (ah damn, that sounds fucked up, backspace, backspace!) and it didn't taste bad at all.
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