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Bates Motel: Season 2 (2014)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Bates Motel: Season 2 (2014) Contemporary prequel to PSYCHO continues with teenage Norman Bates slowly descending into madness, having blackouts, maybe murdering his teacher (and others), and continually lusting after momma, lustfully played by MILF Vera Farmiga. Anxiously awaiting the moment that Norma and Norman do the dirty deed, which has GOTTA happen (call me sick, I know!) but one thing about this season that sucked was Vera's hairdo- kinda short and choppy, liked it a lot better in Season One. Norman continues to evolve and his murderous impulses get worse and worse. This season's other backstories include Norma fighting City Hall to try to stop the highway construction that will take away all her hotel's business and the somewhat iffy subplots of Norman's brother and his drug dealing brother, entangling the whole family in his mess this time around. That part of BATES MOTEL is kind of filler to me, the whole pot business thing that the series spends so much time on. It's like watching BREAKING BAD LIGHT or something, I mean, it's okay but we've seen it all before, done much better. The drug dealing drama is like killing time for me, waiting to see what Norman is gonna do next. Still, this is a dark show and fun to watch, everyone is a murderously crazy, even the Sheriff of the town, who seems to have a strange code of ethics himself when it comes to right and wrong. It's all fun to watch, and Freddie Highmore is seriously channeling Tony Perkins' persona more and more as things go on---it's really fun to watch Norman's evolution of insanity. He does figure out he is doing bad things and even tries to kill himself at one point, but mama saves him, of course. Great acting, tension-filled stories, and some excellent scenes of violence continue to pepper the proceedings. This season ends with the Sheriff suspecting Norman of a lot of bad things and making him take a lie detector test, which he passes with flying colors due to the blackouts and his evolving transference of bad deeds to MOTHER, of course. (And yes, Norma is stunningly crazy!) Attention to the PSYCHO mythology and sets continue to be STELLAR with this show, from the Bates Motel, Norman's house, and his taxidermy goodies. We get to see how it all started in a parallel universe of modern times, which is great fun. A worthy show for PSYCHO diehards like me!

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