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Being Human: Season 2 (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Being Human: Season 2 (2009) The second season picks up soon after the finale of the first season, after werewolf George killed the leader of the local vampires. Now, he's being attacked by vampires when he's in human form. His new live-in girlfriend, Nina, is also keeping her distance from him ever since she witnessed his transformation into a lycanthrope. It's also because he accidently clawed her and made her into a werewolf too. Annie, the ghost, is now able to stay tangible and interact with people. She gets a job at a local bar where she meets a guy who also had a near-death experience. She doesn't realize that he's in communication with "the other side" and they want him to bring her over, something she is resisting. From all indications, it's not exactly happy land over there. And Mitchell, the vampire who no longer drinks human blood, finds himself the unwilling leader of the vampire community. He wants them all to go on the wagon so they won't be hunted by humans and this leadership is the only way to do this. I thought it interesting that the vampires in this series don't need to drink blood to survive--that they do so for an entirely different reason.

There's also a mysterious organization that is spying on the trio, led by a creepy old guy named Kemp. We see them do an experiment on another werewolf that involves a hyperbaric chamber and it's explained to him that the pressure will counteract the effects of the full moon. However, it does not end well. Kemp has his sights on George and Nina. He also wants to help Annie cross-over. Mitchell he simply wants to kill.

We also learn why he's so hell bent on destroying the vampires in a flashback in which we see how vampires killed his wife and daughter.

In another flashback sequence that takes place in the early 70's, we find out how Mitchell was able to originally kick the blood habit. It was with the help of a woman. Now, in the present, he finds he needs the same support--someone that he has to change for. This turns out to be a woman doctor he's developed a relationship with. But he has no idea she's secretly working for Kemp. When Mitchell's group of vampires is bombed, leaving him and one other vampire left in the community, he goes ballistic and quickly reverts to his old ways. It's like when Angel becomes Angelus, only more vicious. In fact, there's an intense scene where the two kill an entire trainload of passengers on a subway.

The highlight of the season is a truly nerve-wracking scene in which George forgets about the time-change and goes to a parent-teacher meeting with his new girlfriend only to start transforming into a beast then and there.

The season finale was just so-so, as it tries to return everything to the status quo, which seemed a bit too rushed. However, there is a decent enough cliff-hanger regarding the ghost Annie. Fortunately, there will be a third season--and the return of an old villain.

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