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Blade: House of Cthon (2006)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Blade: House of Cthon (2006) The television incarnation of vampire hunter BLADE is mixed, though mostly good. Blade travels from Moscow to Detroit, after a coven of vampires led by successful businessman/vampire Marcus Van Sciver. This particular group of vampires have developed a vaccine to combat the vampire killing virus last seen in BLADE TRINITY. Blade wants to infiltrate the House of Cthon and manages to do so when Krista Starr (Jill Wagner), a former Army woman, is investigating the death of her brother. The police keep on telling her that her sibling was killed because of drugs and gangs but that same cop is working for the vampires, hoping he'll be made immortal for his service.

However, Krista Starr is bitten by Van Sciver and killed - and comes back as a vampire. This gives Blade an undercover agent if she's able to reign in her hunger and bloodlust. He supplies her with some of his own special serum, to curb her appetite, though this pilot episode ends with him not knowing if the situation is going to work or not.

Actress Jill Wagner kicks ass as Starr. She has great screen presence and her character is interesting. The sames goes for Neill Jackson as Van Sciver, who really doesn't seem so evil of a character. In a flashback scene the viewer is given a glimpse of how he was transformed into a vampire - in the 1700's, by a tribe of vampire Native Americans. And in the present day we see some of these same indians in The House of Cthon. Are they the original vampires who founded the House?

Ironically, the least interesting character is BLADE himself, portrayed on the small screen by Sticky Fingaz, for two reasons. The first is that the three theatrical movies did everything they could with the character. The second is that no one can fill Wesley Snipe's BLADE shoes. Sticky does an okay job but I kept on thinking 'Why is this guy dressed like Blade'?

There are lots of extras on this dvd, including a long multi-part 'Making of' which features Exec. Producer (and BLADE scripter) David Goyer looking slightly uncomfortable, as if he's trying to convince himself 'That everything's going to be okay' with this series.

But alas, it was cancelled after twelve episodes?

Also, whatever happened to that proposed KNIGHT STALKERS movie, the real sequel to BLADE: TRINITY?

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