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Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat (2002)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat (2002) H.G. Lewis returns to the gore scene three decades after his original '60's and 70's run of "pioneering" gore movies. Growing up, as a fan, I was very much inspired by Lewis' early splattery works (in the 80's when they hit VHS) and even though the stories, plots, and acting were usually piss-poor, he always delivered in the skin and gore areas, especially with stuff like BLOOD FEAST and THE GORE GORE GIRLS. BLOOD FEAST 2, obviously, is a sequel to one of his most famous early epics. I first tried to watch this one when it came out, but couldn't get through it. Amazingly, the official release edition was EDITED FOR ITS VIDEO RELEASE----all the gore cut out! Some six minutes plus of it....the whole POINT of an H.G. Lewis movie, MIA! So a decade later, I've been struggling to acquire an uncut print of the movie to check out, even though its official distributor, Shriek Show, filed for bankruptcy years ago. Finally located an uncut copy, and the DVD freezes at the 30 minute mark due to a well-known Shriek Show replicating issue. Drats, so I scour the Internet again, to hunt down a copy that plays all the way through. It's become an obsession now, even the illegal streaming version on U-tube is cut! (Again, the point of releasing a piece of gornography with NO GORE?!?!) Finally, after two more orders in used marketplaces, I get a copy that plays all the way through! Was it worth it? Well, for the story of a cannibal caterer that picks up where the first movie left off---basically the grandson of the original killer---setting up shop in a small town and killing and sacrificing naked young sluts to an Egyptian god, it's okay. Shapely young damsels disrobe for the cameras, showing off their curvaceous bods, and are quickly dispatched in gory fashion. The gore effects are all practical...basically cutting, slicing, dicing and pulling out entrails of all the gals in extreme close-up, gruesome detail. These loving wetwork moments are the cum shots of the proceedings, the end pecker blast to each attack, and I must say, they are sick and gross, though nowhere as near as shocking as the proceedings were back in 1963, when the original movie came out. (After a spell, though, the heavy loads of meaty entrails being yanked out of obviously fake foam latex skin and mannequins does get a bit...routine....) The acting by all is (deliberately) horrendous, in particular the two bumbling cops investigating the case. What's wrong with these scenes is Lewis seems to be DELIBERATELY casting the worst possible actors that he can in the speaking roles and encouraging them to ham it up. Whereas, in his original movies, he was TRYING to get good performances out of his skanky actors and they were taking the proceedings seriously....and it was funny because it came out so awful. The intentional camp approach just makes the "acting" scenes painful to watch. Bad actors trying to act are sometimes fun to watch, bad actors trying to act FUNNY....uh, no dice. They aren't funny and the scenes just seem to drag on forever more. Lewis' new-found "humorous" approach to the "heavy meat" material just falls flatter than an outdated two liter bottle of pop missing its cap. However, the naked girls prancing around and the uncut gore scenes make up the difference---they're fun to watch Lewis execute again in autopsy-style, loving macrovision. The effects are serviceable but not exactly special and J.P, Delahoussaye as caterer Fuad Ramses III is fun to watch in the lead role (playing the part like a cartoon on steriods), although the lack of gore sound effects and addition of an overbearing, lame-ass southern rock style soundtrack is most perplexing, but...whatever. Anyway, it was fun to see H.G. Lewis return to his vomit three decades later and flaunt his gore porn around one more time---if you can find an uncut copy that plays, that is! Worlds better than his next armpit attempt at moviemaking, the ultra ho-hum UH-OH SHOW

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