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Blood Relic (2005)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Blood Relic (2005) In 1983 a Navy pilot, Hank Campbell, goes on a killing spree in his air hangar after he puts on an ancient voodoo talisman. He's caught and put away in a mental institution. In present day, that same air hangar is being converted into an aircraft museum. The owner (Billy Drago) is this crazy-eyed weird guy obsessed with history-and all the people he has hired, whether it be as a tour guide or what-not, is recruited into restoring the old machines and cleaning up the place. So there's this group of a half dozen people for fodder for the madman who soon starts slaughtering them. Is it the Billy Drago character? Or is it Hank Campbell, who was recently released from the mental institution. Although the location is different the story is so much the same as any slasher movie-and the somewhat lazy special effects (blood, lots of blood...and rubber intestines) doesn't help this one bit. And there's a ton of it. It almost seems to me that filmmakers J. Christian Ingvordsen and Matthew Howe are trying to make up for their previous bloodless BOG CREATURES. The whole voodoo curse thing is also rather vague, though the stock footage of the missiles and airplanes for the flashback scene are used effectively. Producer/Cinematopher Matt Howe has a cameo as a psychiatrist at the beginning of the movie and Debbie Rochon portrays one of the employees at the museum.
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