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Blood: The Last Vampire (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Blood: The Last Vampire (2009) It's the 1970's and a young-looking Japanese vampire girl named Saya chases a guy through a subway train. They fight and she slices him in two with her sword. When the train stops at the station she's greeted by a dark clad guy, Michael Harrison, who tells her what her next mission is. He is part of a government agency that is using her to hunt demons. Saya agrees to do their dirty work as long as they point her in the direction of Onigen, the oldest demon, who killed her father years ago. She simply wants revenge. The government agency also supplies her with human blood, so she doesn't have to kill.

She's sent to a U.S. military base in Japan, posing as a student though she looks a bit out of place in her schoolgirl outfit. It's here we're introduced to rebellious Alice, the General's daughter. When Alice is almost killed by two of her peers, who are really vicious demons, Saya steps in and kills them. But when she tells the soldiers about it everything is cleaned up, no evidence of a battle.

One night Alice sneaks away and goes into a bar in town frequented by Americans. It's here that she confronts one of her instructors who knew the two girls would attack her. Not only does he reveal that he's a gargoyle-like demon, everyone else there is as well. She runs and they pursue. Saya shows up with her sword and an impressive battle begins. She kills them all, except for the teacher. It tries to take Alice and she ends up slaying it.

The General, in the meantime, is doing some investigating of his own and doesn't believe that the two CIA men who showed up are who they say they are. He learns too much and they end up killing him. Alice walks in at this inopportune time and they go after her as well. Eventually Saya confronts her demon nemesis and it's revealed what their relationship to each other is,. This utterly shocks the vampire.

Granted, the movie fits the same description as BUFFY: THE VAMPIRE SLAYER--a teenaged girl works for a group of men, whose job it is to kill demons and monsters. And like ANGEL, she's a vampire with a human soul. Nevertheless, BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE is an extremely good vampire film with some cool action sequences in which she slices and dices. It's a faithful adaptation of the BLOOD animated movie that came out nearly a decade ago.

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