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Blu-Ray Horror Movie Reviews - Blu-Ray Times with Herr Doktor

Welcome to The Blu-Ray Times with Herr Doktor, where you will find reviews of some of the best horror movies and sci-fi movies on Blu-Ray. Thinking of upgrading your regular DVDs to Blu-Ray... let Herr Doktor fill you in on all the gory Hi-Def details!

Saw II (2005) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 05.08.12

Saw II Blu-Ray Review Guten Tag my beloved infernal legions!

Recently I have re-discovered a favorite series of mine in the Saw franchise. And so every day or so I will present a review on the BLU-RAY format of this awesome series to find out if it is worth it to upgrade your DVD you already own, or upgrade your system overall to BLU-RAY.

I love this first sequel in SAW 2, as just like the original Saw it does not fuck around, but rather gets straight to the point. At the beginning John/Jigsaw is chilling out in a warehouse having lunch waiting for an entire SWAT team to show up ...read more

Gremlins (1984) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 05.04.12

Gremlins Blu-Ray Review "It's the end of the world as we know it...and I feel fine..." - REM

Guten Tag my dear infernal ones! It is I Herr Doktor your guide down the path of the left hand! And today I bring you Joe Dante's classic of fun, lunacy, and exploding creatures....Gremlins! I know I am supposed to be a reviewer of straight horror films, but this madcap film of absolute chaos is one of my all time favorites. This film in the summer of 1984 (along with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) brought along so much controversy it spurred the creation of the new rating of PG-13.

T ...read more

Saw (2004) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 04.18.12

Saw Blu-Ray Review "Nothing is real but pain now"...Metallica - ONE

"I want to play a game" - Jigsaw

Guten tag fiends! And welcome to the first of a series of bluray reviews. I chose the deliciously evil series of Saw. Twists, turns, pain and other gruesome factors that make this series a delight for holiday viewing with the kids! Let's Start at the beginning…

Saw: the original

This film was a horror fans wet dream. Dark, gory as hell, and traps that you don't simply walk away from. It also seemed like the film where once pro ...read more

Friday the 13th Part III (1982) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 02.23.12

Friday the 13th Part III Blu-Ray Review "Torment is what I give...Torture is what I love...The downfall of the heavens above" - Slayer/ The Antichrist

Guten tag fiends and welcome to my long overdue appraisal of in my opinion the TRUE Prince of mother fucking darkness Jason Voorhees in his third actual appearance. This time portrayed by the most athletic pre-Derek Mears stuntman Richard Brooker. This Jason does not fuck around, he is fast, powerful as hell, and hellbent for vengeance. This is the film which debuts the famous hockey mask. It seems as though this version of Jason spent some serious time ...read more

Shining, The (1980) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 11.28.11

Shining, The Blu-Ray Review "Now that I've warned you, always look behind you...You never know just who'll be there! The harmless looking dear, may be the one to fear, so never trust those you don't know...." - Schizo / Venom - Welcome to Hell

Welcome Fiends of all shapes and sizes, story time is here! And what a mind-twisting insanity bomb of a story it is! This story my infernal ones is led by the legendary late Stanley Kubrick and followed by Jack Nicholson, the late Scatman Crothers, and Shelly "Olive Oil" Duval. Although he claims to dislike the film even thou ...read more

Antichrist (2009) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 11.03.11

Antichrist Blu-Ray Review And God is empty...just like me... - Zero - Smashing Pumpkins

Guten Tag Fiends!

Today we will examine an interesting little dark bauble called Anti-Christ. If you are expecting to see Damien Thorn and jumping devils you will be disappointed. This film is a decent into despair, darkness, and eventually madness with an enormous amount of sex thrown in. This film is borderline pornographic, but in a different sort of way. The copulation brings no joy to the practitioner, done almost like unwitting ritual and repetitive. Simple void like emptiness adding to the f ...read more

Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 10.28.11

Hellbound: Hellraiser II Blu-Ray Review "And to think I hesitated"... Dr. Channard

Greetings Fiends! It's your partner in deviant behavior: Herr Doktor! And I am here to discuss a bad ass piece of film called Hell Raiser 2: Hellbound.

This film has it all folks, Gore, tormented souls, Cenobites, crazy people cutting themselves, and so much more! How much would you pay for this? Well put that Visa card away, because I'm bringing it to you free! (sort of)

The story takes place after poor Frank meets his demise at the end of Hellraiser, and the introduction of Dr. Channard who is handy in ...read more

ChromeSkull: Laid To Rest 2 (2011) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 10.10.11

ChromeSkull: Laid To Rest 2 Blu-Ray Review "He who achieves madness first...wins." - Mick Jagger

Guten Tag Fiends!

Do you like Violence? Gore? Human Evisceration? Sick fucking kills that make you stand up and say Helllll Yeeeeah!? Than this, tramps and lunatics is your film!

The action takes place pretty much after the events of Laid to Rest, with the main antagonist near death, and no face. Brian Austin Greene (90210) plays Chrome Skulls little helper, and he does a damn good job. While the main man is in physical rehab trying to heal his face, Greene is out trying to make moves ...read more

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 09.14.11

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Blu-Ray Review Greetings Fiends!! Oh it's been a while since my last review and while Graduate Study and work are demanding, I will not ignore what I love again.

To celebrate the end of my silence, I want to present one of my guilty pleasures in 1080p Blu fucking ray clarity: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: the Beginning. Let's get the party started...

Movie Review:

I love this series. From 1970's grind house original, to the cheesy but awesome TCM 2, to the brutal TCM 3, and even the sorry ass new generation, I love them all. Which is why this particular little gem ...read more

Halloween (1978) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 07.12.11

Halloween Blu-Ray Review Good Morning Fiends and Sadists! Today I bow my lowly head, and present one of the most original and genre creating horror films of all time: Halloween. John Carpenter presents Michael Myers how he should have been presented, as "The Shape". There was the late Donald Pleasance (The Great Escape) as Dr. Loomis who begged society to cage this creature of pure evil. And that's my point in that Carpenter takes a simple premise, and makes him a massive heap of mystery. You WANT to know what the hell happened in the sessions between Doctor and patient. How in the hell did a ...read more

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