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Blu-Ray Horror Movie Reviews - Blu-Ray Times with Herr Doktor

Welcome to The Blu-Ray Times with Herr Doktor, where you will find reviews of some of the best horror movies and sci-fi movies on Blu-Ray. Thinking of upgrading your regular DVDs to Blu-Ray... let Herr Doktor fill you in on all the gory Hi-Def details!

American Psycho (2000) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 07.07.11

American Psycho Blu-Ray Review "I can't seem to face up to the facts, I'm tense and nervous and I can't relax" - Psycho Killer / Talking Heads

American Psycho, based on Bret Easton Ellis' literary gem (strongly recommended by the way), is a menagerie of violence, confusion, and the "it's all about image" mentality of 1980's Metropolis.

Say what you will, Christian Bale is a hell of an actor. He plays the infamous (perhaps in his own mind) Patrick Bateman. Pat is a bit self obsessed to say the least. His morning pre-work ritual taking at leas ...read more

Hobo With A Shotgun (2011) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 06.14.11

Hobo With A Shotgun Blu-Ray Review Awww, ya dont believe were on the eve of destruction - Barry McGuire

Guten tag fiends! Herr Doktor here to talk about "Hobo with a shotgun". All I can say is what the fuck?!!

This super visual experience that combines "Class of nuke em high", The Road Warrior", Robocop, and a pissed off hobo. Disgusting? Yes. Exploitation? Yes. Sick as fuck? Absolutely.

Children burning in a bus, as well as abduction by a Santa, burning of mother and child in a dumpster, and a police force gone wrong in a genocide blitzkrieg against the homeless. One homeless h ...read more

Event Horizon (1997) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 05.24.11

Event Horizon Blu-Ray Review "Liberate tuteame ex inferis"

I am sure most reading this have seen at least in part Event Horizon, but this Blu Ray version puts all other versions to shame.

A team of scientists and pilots in 2042 head out to the area of Neptune to investigate the disappearance of the Event Horizon with disastrous results, or obviously this review would not be on a horror site. Sam Neil (the omen 3, daywalkers) plays Dr. Weir designer of the missing ship, while Lawrence Fishburne (The Matrix series, CSI) plays the Captain of the ship looking for the Event Horizon. ...read more

Dog Soldiers (2002) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 05.18.11

Dog Soldiers Blu-Ray Review Guten Tag Fiends!

I've said it before, and I will say it again, I like werewolf films, and this one is pretty badass! What's not to like? You've got class wars( GI's versus Special Forces), you've got moral dilemmas (do you shoot a loyal dog to achieve your aspirations?), can you work with someone you hate to fight a common foe?, can anyone perform surgery with no training, and finally what the fuck are you going to do when faced with a pissed off menagerie of Lycanthropic killers busting down the door? This film answers all life's little tr ...read more

Creepshow (1982) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 05.03.11

Creepshow Blu-Ray Review I really like this movie, even the bad parts. From the ultra cheesy disco dancing Ed Harris in Fathers day, to that nasty bastard of a Gorilla from hell in the Crate to quote a tired old phrase. "It's all good"

You get it all here! Stephen King for lovers of the self absorbed Zillionaire, Tom Savini playing a trash man, John Carpenter's wife Adrienne in a damn good impersonation in of Liz Taylor in Who's afraid of Virginia Wolfe, Tom "Mr. Horror" Adkins, Awesome Zombies, Comets of a green hell, and Leslie Fucking Neilson. Not to mention ...read more

Children Of The Corn (1984) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 04.23.11

Children Of The Corn Blu-Ray Review "He wants you too Malachi" - Isaac

This is the Blu-Ray 25th anniversary version of Children of the Corn, and damn for ten bucks I am impressed!! Linda Hamilton played an awesome Scream Queen, with a bit of intense inner anger that showed she eventually would play Sarah Conner. Maybe it's the whole Salisbury, Maryland thing. All of us from that area seem to have that intense inner anger, but I digress. Peter Horton of Thirty Something is a likeable enough guy, but you know Malachi, teen or not could kick his ass. Every once in a while you see that Malachi guy on TV and he ...read more

American Werewolf in London, An (1981) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 04.20.11

American Werewolf in London, An Blu-Ray Review "I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at trader Vick's, his hair was perfect" Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London

I fucking love werewolf movies, and besides the Howling, An American Werewolf in London is my favorite. What's not to like? You have the amazing Rick Baker, David Naughton star of Midnight Madness and singer of my favorite disco song and yours Makin' It! And the once great John Landis, director of Animal House, the Blues Brothers, the doomed segment of Twilight Zone the movie and of course the abysmal Blues Brothers 2000 (thus the once great remark)behind ...read more

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 04.14.11

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation Blu-Ray Review Wow. What can I say about Mortal Kombat 2? My main guy Johnny Cage gets wasted in the first five minutes. Christopher Lambert takes a hike leaving an unimpressive character actor named James Remar to take his place. As a matter of fact only two original performers return, Lui Kang, and Kitana thankfully are portrayed by the same people. What the hell happened here? Jesus, maybe they should have added a payroll to the budget, huh?

Then we have Minotaro which is a pretty cool replacement for Prince Goro, and Shao Khan himself. Brian Thompson (Cobra, Fright Night 2) is a big ...read more

Mortal Kombat (1995) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 04.12.11

Mortal Kombat Blu-Ray Review Howdy do folks! It's your pal and deviant medical confidante Herr Doktor! Do I have a surprise for you today or what? Today we will discuss the mighty Mortal Kombat re-released on Bluray! Why in the jib jabbering' Christ would we do that you ask? Because it kicks ass! It has whipass undead demons from another realm. It has Chinese mythological characters (presented earlier from Carpenter) Presented by none other than Lord Greystoke and Conner Macleod himself, Christopher Lambert! It has Cheesy rave Music, and Cheesy lines cheesy enough to make Chester Cheetah himself gag! It has impr ...read more

City of The Living Dead (1980) Blu-Ray
Blu-Ray Horror Movie Review by Herr Doktor - 03.29.11

City of The Living Dead Blu-Ray Review "As they lower me down into that hole in the ground, I scream out for help, but they hear not a sound..."

Venom - Buried Alive 1982 / Album: Black Metal

Being a fan of the super natural genre, I have gone on a zombie film buying spree lately, and now it's time to share the suffering! Sure Romero remains the zombie king, but give the Italians their due. Lucio Fulci knew how to party with the dead like few others. This movie if research serves me correctly, is part of a trilogy, the other parts being "The seven doors of Death" and House ...read more

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