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Boogeyman 3 (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Boogeyman 3 (2009) This sequel begins with Audrey, daughter of the evil psychiatrist from part 2, returning from his funeral. SHe greets her dog, then goes through her father's personal belongings, which includes his personal journal. In the diary he talks about The Boogeyman and that it may be real. After she's done taking a bath, where we see her breasts, her dog is killed by something in her apartment. A black cloud emerges from beneath her bed and drags her under.

The movie then cuts to Wolfbridge University, where we are introduced to a group of friends. The main character is Sarah, a girl studying psychiatry. She looks like a cross between Rose McGowan and Jorja Fox. There's also an English guy and a black guy, who will undoubtedly be killed by the movie's end. We soon learn they are friends of Audrey and wonder why they haven't heard back from her.

Audrey shows up at Sarah's dorm room and tells her that the Boogeyman is after her--and that he's everywhere. There's no place to hide. When we do see the monster it's an effective use of jump-cut editing. Audrey is found hanged and then the black friend has his face impaled on the shards of a broken bong. For a moment I felt like I was watching a Full Moon movie....

Then BOOGEYMAN 3 goes into NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET territory. Sarah has dreams in which blood is spewing from all the air vents in her dorm hallway, where she encounters her dead friends. As soon as the Boogeyman grabs her she wakes up. However, the English guy is not so lucky....he's squashed into a small wooden chest by the supernatural monster. And a girl friend's body is found in a dryer, a la MY BLOODY VALENTINE. By now Sarah is convinced everyone in the dorm is going to die.

The movie has a triple ending. The creature makes it look as though she's responsible for the death of her boyfriend. She takes the blame and admits to the murder when the police arrive, so that the Boogeyman will not kill all the others in the building. Did she really do it and this was all a fantasy? Then something else happens at the end, which confirms that it wasn't her imagination.

I actually enjoyed this movie better than parts 1 and 2, though that might not be enough to recommend it.

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