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Brain Dead (2010)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Brain Dead (2010) The newest film by Kevin Tenney (original NIGHT OF THE DEMONS) begins with a meteor hurtling through space as the credits roll. Then it's to two guys fishing. One of them sees the meteor burning up in the atmosphere and it's coming right for them. But when it finally reaches him it goes right through his head, because it was so small. Unfortunately the space rock is carrying some black goo that's alive and this reactivates his brain. He reanimates as a nasty looking zombie and then splits his friend's head open with its bare hands. The guy's brain plops out and then it picks it up and devours it. We then go to three different groups of people who soon meet up. The first are two criminals being transported in a police van. The evil one knocks out the officer and they escape into the nearby woods. Then it's a preacher and a young woman he lusts after. And finally, two lesbian campers. They all converge at this cabin where the bad criminal keeps them all hostage. Then, when the zombies start showing up it's the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD scenario as they are killed off one by one. But rather than the zombie infection spreading via bite it's the black amoeba-like parasite that causes the transformation.

I didn't find this movie all that funny, though I did dig the gruesome and gooey special effects. The best actor in the entire movie is Michelle Tomlinson and I wish she had a bigger role. If I had to compare BRAIN DEAD to another zombie movie it would be to NIGHT OF THE CREEPS.

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