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Brutal Relax (2010)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Brutal Relax (2010) I haven't gotten such entertainment from a genuine splatter short since that SOV French-Canadian flick "Bagman" from a while back. "Brutal Relax" is a 15 minute Spanish gore flick that keeps the blood, limbs, and entrails flyin'!

Mr. Olivares is a ridged mental patient (I can only assume) who is being released from an institution. His doctor tells him to take a vacation and stay relaxed. So Olivares takes the advice and heads to a beach, wearing socks and tighty-whities and sitting in a mud puddle. Soon after he arrives, a herd of water-zombies come charging out of the sea and begin tearing beach-goers to shreds. Mr. Olivares seems unphased by the grisly terror - that is, until his cassette player craps out on him and he goes into a rage, murdering the zombies and saving the day...

First off, the zombies look notably awesome - all gooey and pus filled, not that pale-faced tattered clothes shit. The gore effects are VERY over-the-top, as well. Brains are pulled out of skulls, skulls are ripped out of faces, faces are ripped off of skulls, rib cages are torn from every angle one can conceive a rib cage being torn from. Mr. Olivares even uses a child's corpse as a weapon when fighting the zombies - never letting up until the small body is pulverized beyond use.

I honestly hope to see more short films involving this character. He never speaks, possesses super-human strength and speed, cares NOT about sex, and has enough charisma to carry a successful film franchise if given the chance. Highly recommended.

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