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Cannibal (2006)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Cannibal (2006) "Cannibal" is a flick that far exceeds any expecatations you may have. It's some truely sickening, graphic shit - based on the true crime committed by German killer Armin Meiwes. Meiwes was a gay man who sent out an internet post wanting a man who would allow consent to be consumed. His ad got a response and what you see in the film is pretty much what happened, more or less...

After picking up his new "friend" at the train station, the two head back to the home of The Man (the name given to the Meiwes character in the film). There, they have rough gay sex and partake in tons of uncomfortable homo love intereaction before the cannibalization commences... The Man begins by cutting off his victims dick (after trying to bite it off, to no avail) and frying it up on the stove. They attempt to eat the cooked cock, but it doesn't quite sit well with the disfunctional duo so the victim pretty much bleeds to death before being butchered for an elaborate dinner...

The gore seen in "Cannibal" is incredible and nauseatingly reaslistic. There is literally a 15+ minute (give or take) scnene at the end that, in detail, shows the process of gutting and mutilating a corpse. The castration scene is also very hard to watch. Other than that, the whole film is shot in a dark, art-house sense which helps keep the film extremely grimy and keeps the violence from being at all gratuitious. Honestly, "Cannibal" is one of the few films I've seen that actually effected me in an all new way of leaving me feeling like I needed to shower. I hate when people use that old "shower" line, but it certainly applies to me, personally, when it comes to watching "Cannibal". The one thing that I didn't like all that much about "Cannibal" was all the constant cock on display. It's not a 'fault' towards the movie, itself. Just me. I mean, there is seriously NON-STOP cock and gay situations going on in this movie starting early on! I wish I could say I didn't find it bothersome, but I'd be lying...

If you're into hard-hitting gore and insanely disturbing subject matter, "Cannibal" is a flick you can't pass up. Once you see it, it's a hard one to shake off...

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