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Caprica (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Caprica (2009) This prequel to the re-envisioned BATTLESTAR GALACTICA had lot to live up to, considering how good BSG was. And CAPRICA is every bit as good as that amazing series. Unbelievable.

Chronologically, it is 54 years before the final Cylon War.

We're introduced to teenaged Zoe and her friends, who secretly belong to a monotheistic cult in a society that worships many different gods. The friends plan to flee to one of the different planets in the colonies and board a shuttle--but one of the girls chickens out and stays behind. This is good for her because one of her friends has a bomb strapped to himself--and he explodes it soon after, killing everyone on the train. Zoe is killed as well as the wife and daughter of lawyer Adams.

The story focuses on two very different families. The first is Zoe's father, wealthy inventor Daniel Graystone (Eric Stoltz) and his wife. The other is Joseph Adams (Esai Morales) and his ten year old son, Willy (who will grow up to be William Adama).

Graystone discovers that his brilliant daughter managed to download her personality in a virtual reality program and he becomes obsessed with this. He's determined to bring his daughter's consciousness into the 'real world', even if that means using the robotic weapons project he's developing for he government.

He and Adams become friends, bonding over the deaths of their loved ones, and Graystone tells Adams that he can bring is dead daughter and wife back to 'life'. Yet when Adams meets his daughter in virtual reality he's horrified because while it seems like her she's terrified because she says she can't feel anything, which makes Adams feel ashamed for putting her through this. he then views the whole thing as an abomination and tells Graystone to get rid of her and the program.

Graystone then tries to merge his virtual daughter with a new form of robot and it seems to fail, though in the end we see that it's a success. And this new type of robot--the very first Cylon.

Caprica is depicted in an interesting way, as sort of an advanced 1950's. We see lots of robot servants and how dependent people are on them. There are also the Caprican's prejudice against the Taurons, which Adams is. His real name was Adama but he changed it. And his brother has ties to a criminal organization, sort of like the mafia, though all the Taurons look Hispanic.

This two hour pilot makes me very excited for the 2010 series that will air on SyFy.

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