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Carnosaur (1993)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Carnosaur (1993) After Jurassic Park, dinosaurs became hot topic and rip-offs were inevitable. This movie actually ended up being pretty damn decent and much gorier than JP. The dino FX aren't nearly as good, but they aren't shitty. The larger T-rex just moves a little slow and jerky at times. The gorey attacks make up for that and the plot is really cool. Some crazy scientist bitch has decided earth is for the dinos and not us. She's genetically recreated some new pets, some with human DNA, and manufactured a new virus that causes females to spit out a baby dino then die. Pretty nasty shit if you think about it, she basically wants to kill off all the women so there's no way humanity can breed. Now that's a damn evil bitch mad scientist supreme right there. What would all us guys do then? Probably go fuck some dinosaurs, but who can truly say. The best part of this thing is the bloody attacks really and the downbeat ending. Kinda the old Night of the Living Dead treatment here, the hero gets shot up for no good reason. The birth scenes left a bad taste in my mouth. Ladies will not like this shit. The T-rex loses its battle with a bobcat. The government is talking artificial wombs by the end. The future ain't looking to bright folks. Blame it all on Roger Corman, who's turned a JP wannbe into a very good movie that stands up well to it's mega-budgeted predecessor.
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