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City of The Living Dead (1980) Blu-Ray
Movie Review by Herr Doktor

City of The Living Dead (1980) "As they lower me down into that hole in the ground, I scream out for help, but they hear not a sound..."

Venom - Buried Alive 1982 / Album: Black Metal

Being a fan of the super natural genre, I have gone on a zombie film buying spree lately, and now it's time to share the suffering! Sure Romero remains the zombie king, but give the Italians their due. Lucio Fulci knew how to party with the dead like few others. This movie if research serves me correctly, is part of a trilogy, the other parts being "The seven doors of Death" and House on Cemetery Hill. At this point I don't think they are available in HD, but I have them on DVD, so I am lucky to have the collection.

Blue Underground kicks ass folks. They have taken this film once titled "the Gates of Hell" and polished a piece of coal into a shining piece of obsidian perfection. I remember this one on VHS back in the 80's, and the picture was lame as hell. What sucks, is how hard it was to find. Of Amazon is always there, but the general public would not know to look, or that it even exists, and that is a crime. Somebody please fund Blue Underground's distribution department for Christ's sake. Why? Because in this film in shimmering HD glory we have suicidal priests, Cheesy Wink Martindale style journalists, girls who regurgitate their organs (in VERY clear detail), a premature burial who damn near takes a pickaxe to the face, Drill bits to the head (that guy REALLY knows how to keep boys away from his daughter!) and of course the visions of hell that Romero always failed to present. In other words a reason for the hatred of the living by the dead.

Is this movie over the top, and more than a bit cheesy? Yes, but no more than other Zombie films. Fulci brings us more than "Shaun of the Dead" style creatures, he brings us the Netherworld that spawns them, not copping out claiming chemical reasons. These movies will never win any Academy Awards, but we know that already don't we?

Video: 4 out of 5

Wow! Blue Underground nails it again by carefully restoring each frame of some pretty rough source material. As I said before seeing it as a kid, I remember seeing the VHS and remembering the low quality. I cannot imagine this film looking better than this.

Audio: 4 out of 5

This audio is awesome, with solid rear channel sound that brings Hell to life. Cheery funeral style ambiance sound creeps through your viewing room throughout this presentation. The kids will love it!


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