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Cosmopolis (2012)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Cosmopolis (2012) The latest from David Cronenberg is an interesting piece at the very least. Based on some kind of "hip novel", the story follows a 28-year-old billionaire as he hops into his stretch limo with driver and body guard to go across town and get a hair cut. It's typical slow-going city traffic at best, with detours and road blocks because the President of the U.S. is in town and there's a slow-moving funeral for the billionaire's favorite rap artist. This movie is strange, detatched, and clinical, right down to the way the cold, harsh dialogue is delivered. Our billionaire protagonist symbolizes the wealthy 1% of the world (bankers that brought down Wall Street in their crooked greed) and how they could care less about anything but more money and themselves. Uncaring and unemotional, they only want...one more dollar. Everything else in their personal lives is morally bankrupt, as witnessed by this billionaire---the only time he breaks down and shows any emotion is when he notes the reality that his favorite rap star is indeed dead, mainy because he's got his music playing in one of his mansion's private elevators. As the ride to the barber shop continues, Mr. Billionaire talks to a variety of individuals that step into the back of his limo to do business, including his doctor, who gives him a rubber gloved prostate check while he has a conversation with one of his cronies. The poor limo receives much damage from street people, protestors, homeless, and haters of the rich as the ride progresses. Mr. Billionaire also has many confrontations with his wife across town, begging her to have sex with him, but as he loses his fortune in bad investments throughout the ride, she decides to just dump him. Neither character is surprised or cares. No matter, Mr. Billionaire's been having sex all day long at various intervals in the limo with mistresses, prostitutes, and any other ladies he desires. (Patrcia McKenzie plays one of the hotties he beds down and she does a full-on nude scene that is very hot, so this was definitely a gratuitous treat!) With his wife and fortune now gone and Protestors along the streets rioting and threatening to overthrow the "Rich" (shades of Occupy Wall Street here, which Mr. Billionaire casually igonores or even smiles at when they throw rats at him in a diner scene!), he deals with a new threat: someone wants to kill him and may be very close. No matter, Mr. Billionaire decides to continue toward the barber shop for that haircut, even though his ultimate demise may be waiting for him there...Bizarre, original, and different, COSMOPOLIS is cutting-edge David Cronenberg, as always. One thing is for sure with Captain Cronenberg navigating as writer/director: always expect the unexpected. This movie is very talky and an acquired taste for sure, but there are moments of VIDEODROME (when Mr. Billionaire is watching a TV talk show and the interviewee is unexpectedly stabbed in the eye by an audience member and again, he just smirks---was this real or in his mind?) and eXistence (what reality is this guy really in)? but the surrealism and mental collapse of a leading character is best matched with Cronenberg's work in THE NAKED LUNCH, especially with the dead-pan delivery of the lines, like they are being spoken through the characters by a pulp novelist...A worthy and interesting movie, although one that will be loved or loathed almost within the first twenty minutes...Watch it with THE NAKED LUNCH for a double-feature that will blow your mind!

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