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Dark Skies (1995)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Dark Skies (1995) In the mid-60's John Loengard (Eric Close) and his girlfriend, Kim Sayers (Megan Ward) move to Washington DC, where he gets a job working for a Senator and she works in J.F Kennedy's office. Loengard becomes involved with a secret government agency called Majestic-12 and he begins working for them. They investigate alien abductions and try to cover up this information. The head of the agency, Captain Frank Bach (J.T. Walsh) is a hard-ass. He was there at the Roswell, when the alien saucer came and basically declared war on the Earth. The army blew it out of the sky.

But Loengard doesn't trust Majestic and quits, choosing to basically become a fugitive and work on his own. John wants to get the truth about the alien invasion out there to the public. Kim is even abducted by the aliens and implanted with a creature, though he's able to remove it from her. The aliens are the small, gray, big-eyed creatures that are being controlled by another species called The Hive, which are these worm-like parasites. The Hive has now infiltrated humanity, even members of Majestic and other government agencies.

At first these two characters are very naive and idyllic about their life together but this changes very quickly. They tell the President the truth and he's assassinated, as is his brother. The last six episodes tries to wrap the story-line up. A good gray alien, not infected by the Hive, is captured and tells Kim that she's pregnant. They have a

telepathic bond. Then the next episode skips ten months and she's a month overdo. She's abducted again, along with her child, and willingly becomes one of the Hive because she doesn't want to be separated from her son. Then, more months go by and we see a very distraught John Loengard. He becomes involved with Juliet, a soviet operative working with Majestic 12. He wants to get his son back from the aliens.

Then, the very last show skips two years ahead. Loengard volunteers for a mission that will take him to the Hive mothership, which is in orbit around the moon. This is where he hopes to rescue his kidnapped son. Yet, when he gets there, sent in an Apollo rocket, he sees that his son looks like an eight-year old when he should only be three. He has aged more quickly. The final image is he and his son holding hands and walking away from the aliens. This, coupled with the voiceover of John from the future, implies that they got away safely.

This television series from the mid-90's tried to appeal to the same viewers who tuned in to X-FILES. Unfortunately the show wasn't nearly as creepy or exciting. I think this was primarily because they were trying to fit all of the episode's events into a historical context. And by now, the whole alien invasion scenario has been sorely overdone. Still, if you're an alien fanatic there should be some enjoyable moments.

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