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DarkWolf (2003)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

DarkWolf (2003) A cop and his partner track down a werewolf (Kane Hodder) responsible for brutal killings in the city. The back story, told in lengthy exposition, is that 900 years ago a man interbred with a werewolf and thus produced the werewolf hybrids, which are somehow more dangerous than real, full-blooded werewolves for some unexplained reason. Hodder is the last of the hybrids, 'The DARKWOLF' and wants to mate with the last full-blooded werewolf in order to overrun the world with his offspring. When the cops easily capture him he transforms and breaks free but not before he kills the partner. Skip to a young blonde waitress who looks like Meg Tilly, who turns out to be the full-blood werewolf, though she doesn't know it yet. She's been watched over by a 'Protector' (Tippi Hedren!), an old woman later killed by the Darkwolf. Sounds like they've been watching too much HIGHLANDER to me. Anyway, a lot more people are killed. The creature effects by John Buechler are really good, portraying a ferocious-looking, quadruped werewolf and lots of stringy gut-ripping that goes along with it. And the attacks are intense. The computer effects, on the other hand, used to show the transformations from human to wolf, bring things to a screeching halt, they are so bad. Sooooo bad! They don't even look like the people they're supposed to be! And the story itself makes little sense and has a plot hole the size of the moon. If this young woman is a full-blooded werewolf wouldn't she know it? Wouldn't her parents be werewolves as well, as it's passed down through the blood? And when she transforms she's small and compartively weak looking compared to the Darkwolf. He's more wolf-like yet he's the hybrid.? Check this movie out for the werewolf, the gore and the lesbian-themed dance scene. Otherwise, this is nothing to howl about.
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