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Daughter of Darkness (1993)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Daughter of Darkness (1993) "Daughter of Darkness" is indeed some high-quality CAT-III mania that may not quite rank up there with such memorable works as "Men Behind the Sun", "Untold Story" or "Dr. Lamb", but it IS material guaranteed to satisfy your hunger for seriously mean-spirited filth!

Chinese/British hybrid and oriental exploitation regular Anthony Wong rocks it as a sleaze-bag police captain who is investigating the brutal murder of a family, as reported by the one surviving daughter. Wong engages in corpse molesting, voyeurism, and questionable authoritative tactics inflicted on a group of youngsters... However, the dumb, smutty comedy is abruptly halted at a certain point and the movie shifts gears in a total 180 of unheard of cinematic 'mood' adjustments. When Wong has the suspects narrowed down to the teenage daughter and her tough-talking, yet equally useless boyfriend, that's when the timid lass decides to come clean. Via flashback, she describes her turbulently abusive home life - mainly directed from the drunken horn dog father who takes a particular "liking" to his daughter when no one is home...

The first half (give or take) was pretty lame, but if you just stick it out through the wacky comedic antics of Anthony Wong, you're SURE to appreciate what "Daughter of Darkness" has to offer. When all is said and done, the "pay off" is nicely gruesome and it definitely leaves you simmering in an essence of complete depression when the credits role, but seeing how I typically enjoy a downbeat ending, I had no complaints. If you're looking for a grimy, cruel, sad, violent, and just all around impertinent CAT-III title, you can't go wrong with "Daughter of Darkness"...

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