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Day Time Ended, The (1979)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Day Time Ended, The (1979) The film opens on a star field with a voice-over explaining that time is not sequential but a continuum, with past/present/future constantly with us. This ends with an explosion and bright lights over a lone house in the middle of a desert. On the radio they explain this was a "Trinary Supernova" and that the radiation is just now reaching our planet. Then, we go to a guy, Richard (Chris Mitchum, who looks like Tom Petty) along with his grandfather, Grant (Jim Davis), who is picking up the rest of their family from vacation. The grandmother looks like Dolly Parton. Once at the house the young daughter comes across a glowing green pylon--and her horse is missing. She wishes for her pony back and it reappears. Later, she tells her mother and father about this but they don't believe her. That night the grandparents see two UFOs. The little girl, in her bedroom, meets a small stop-motion animated alien that umps around. It vanishes as a small UFO appears. It's not until it shows up in the grandparents' room that they are all alarmed. They all go to leave in the station wagon and the car is already running. Then, two giant monsters appear and they fight to the death. The victor traps the father and son in the barn and they stab it in the head with a pitchfork. There are more flashes of lightning, then it's daylight and they find themselves in the midst of a vehicle graveyard. There are even airplanes (presumably missing from the Bermuda Triangle). They get on their horses, the house disappears and they go out into the desert, though by this point they become separated from one another. The daughter-in-law appears and tells them everything is going to be all right. They are all reunited and they se a futuristic domed city in the distance.

I remember seeing this in a theater when it was first released in '79 and thinking it was an odd movie. Time has not been kind to it. It's a very unsatisfying movie--basically, just a bunch of weird shit happens. But you can see how this was the beginning of Charles Band's obsession with small-sized creatures.

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