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Dead Pool, The (1988)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Dead Pool, The (1988) Dirty Harry's last adventure with Clint Eastwood in the lead role. Saw this one in the theater on opening day and have always been mildly disappointed with it. Series was running out of gas for sure by 1988 and Eastwood was approaching sixty as the character, kind of burning out on the whole thing. This time Harry is on the case of celebrity murders, with the lead suspect being slasher movie director Liam Neeson in an early role. Neeson and his celebrity pals have a dead pool wager going---making lists of celebrities they feel will die within a certain time, betting on it to make money, and everyone on Neeson's dead pool list seems to be dying or getting murdered. Some interesting behind-the-scenes making b-movies shots and clips (from stuff like Larry Cohen's IT'S ALIVE series) are highlighted, but overall, this entry feels like the series is running out of steam big-time. Still, a stale Dirty Harry movie is worlds better than most of the crap coming down the pike today and this one has some good scenes. Harry's big one-liner is You're just shit out of luck , which also feels like the viewing experience with this entry, and hottie Patricia Clarkson takes the required Sondra Locke little blond bimbo role in this episode. Sadly, she's no Sondra and the chemistry she has with Clint is zilch. No nudity or hints of skin for her, either, which would've elevated the proceedings a bit. The subplot of the movie has the tired (even for '88) story of the media going too far to get stories and causing more chaos than good, warnings no one heeded if you look at the state of things today, and Clarkson as a nose-to-the-grind reporter seeing the errs of her ways is clich‚ and tiresome. Still, Harry blows away punks with his magnum, kicks ass, and even harpoon guns the bad guy at the end. Jimbo Carrey has an early role as a stoner splatter star that's kind of silly, lip syncing Guns 'N Roses' WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE while a devilish Linda Blair-ish prop spins its head round and round. An embarrassing scene for sure, no matter how you cut it! Not bad, not great, THE DEAD POOL is for Dirty Harry completists only! All others beware.
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